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Application Management: A Hot Topic a the Mobile World Congress 2013

Mobile World Congress Michael Miller MAM BYOD

Mobile World Congress Michael Miller MAM BYODAs the 2013 Mobile World Congress has wrapped up we continue to see news and industry updates coming out of the event. PC Mag just wrote a piece that summarizes Michael J. Miller’s experiences and some of the information he uncovered in Barcelona. He writes that he was surprised about how much focus there was on enterprise application aspects of mobility and says “it seems like just about every vendor had something to say about enterprise use of mobile devices, including the makers of development tools, mobile device management software, and larger enterprise mobility suites, as well as the device makers themselves.”

We though we would share a few of his finding that relate to emergence and apparent focus on application management and usage when it comes to enterprise mobility. He writes about how many Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions providers were there talking about Mobile Application Management (MAM). He specifically mentions AirWatch, MobileIron and Good. “Most of these firms talked about not only managing devices, but also enabling enterprise applications delivered in a secure mobile fashion, “he writes.

He writes about OpenPeak and their ability to offer not only MDM but now workplace containers for data and applications, wrappers for enterprise applications and a large focus on managing and securing applications and data. Through Miller’s experiences and conversations he concludes that, “It’s quite clear that basic mobile device management is only a part of a total solution for enterprise users. Handling enterprise applications and secure document sharing, and being able to split devices into two parts—one managed by the enterprise, the other by the individual—look to be the kind of features that should differentiate the products going forward.” Click here to read the full article and how other like Nokia, Samsung, BlackBerry and other are focusing on application management and usage.

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