The BCI Starts New Women in Resilience Group

The BCI Starts New Women in Resilience GroupThe Business Continuity Institute (BCI) has formed the BCI Women in Resilience (WiR) group in response to requests from members of the BCI. The goal of the group is to empower and connect women in fields including business continuity, emergency management, crisis management, disaster recovery, security, risk, and organizational resilience. WiR aims to bring more women into the industry, as well as support those already working in the space to become leaders and further their careers.

Currently, 30% of BCI members are female, and 25% of the active volunteer pool leading BCI chapters, forums, and groups are also women. There is one woman on the BCI board, equating to the board being 11% female. Though the group is focused on attracting women to join the industry, the BCI welcomes anyone with an interest in IT resilience to join them.

The 2019 committee spearheading this initiative is made up of Gianna Detoni (Chair), Kate Needham-Bennett (Vice-Chair), Ruth Massie, Esra Gulfidan, Sandra Bell, and Julia Graham.

In a press statement, Detoni said, “the women in resilience initiative confirms the attention that the BCI devotes to its members. The BCI’s membership has grown more diverse in recent years and there is a feeling that women should be better represented in the continuity and resilience profession. While companies continue to make every effort to guarantee diversity, this network can help to empower them to guide the industry in a more positive direction.”

Director on the BCI Board, Heather Merchan, added, “this is an excellent opportunity for the BCI to offer its members the platform they desire to connect, support, and empower industry professionals. I encourage readers to connect with the group and to get involved!”

BCI Head of Communities, David West, stated, “one of the key features of a mature professional body is that it provides a forum for professionals to engage with new ideas and developments in a setting they feel comfortable with. This new group will help to provide more opportunities to do this for anybody who wishes to engage.”

To read the BCI’s full press release, click here.

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