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Alteryx Acquires ClearStory Data in Data Science Software Merger

Alteryx Acquires ClearStory Data in Data Science Software Merger
Alteryx Acquires ClearStory Data in Data Science Software Merger

Source: Alteryx

Alteryx has announced that it will acquire ClearStory Data, a Menlo Park, California-based modern data analytics and business intelligence software provider. ClearStory Data is most known for its smart data discovery and automated data preparation functionality, and raised $15 million in venture capital last March. The acquisition, according to Alteryx, “creates a natural extension to the Alteryx technology center” that will enable the company to continue growing its presence in the data science space.

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Alteryx is a self-service analytics software company that specializes in data preparation and data blending. Alteryx Analytics allows users to organize, clean, and analyze data in a repeatable workflow. Business analysts find this tool particularly useful for connecting to and cleansing data from data warehouses, cloud applications, spreadsheets and other sources. The platform features tools to run a variety of analytic jobs (predictive, statistical, spatial) inside a single interface. Alteryx went public in 2017.

Alteryx plans to use ClearStory’s talent and expertise to continue developing its platform for citizen data scientists. ClearStory Data has extensive expertise in data profiling and auto interference that will enable Alteryx to meet its customer demand for advanced analytics. ClearStory Data’s CEO Sharmila Mulligan added: “We are thrilled to be joining Alteryx; combining our talent will help make smart data discovery and model building more accessible to the business.”

In a statement to the media, Alteryx co-founder and CEO Dean Stoecker said: “We have been anticipating consolidation in the market and when we identified the great talent and compelling technology of ClearStory, we embraced the opportunity. We believe the combination of the ClearStory Data and Alteryx teams will help us accelerate through the next wave of innovation in the data science and analytics market.”

Alteryx has made several notable upgrades to its data analytics tool in recent months, beginning with a self-service update last June. The company also unveiled its new Visualytics innovation in August, featuring capabilities that enhance how users prepare, analyze, share, and collaborate on data.

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