OpenText Unveils Big Data Analytics in the Cloud

OpenText Big Data Analytics

OpenText, a member of Gartner’s 2015 Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms, recently announced Big Data Analytics, an all-in-one advanced analytics solution as a complete cloud service. The new offering allows companies to analyze enterprise customer and eBusiness Suite data on-demand. In addition, users can also access, blend, explore, and analyze their big data in order to create a comprehensive view of their customers and business operations.

Mark J. Barrenechea, CEO of OpenText explains: “Extracting the value from big data has become a necessity in enabling companies to better understand their market and customers, but expensive data scientists or IT resources have been required to mine that data. OpenText Big Data Analytics makes the power of real big data and advanced analytics capabilities accessible to everyday business users in the cloud. OpenText is the only vendor with integrated solutions for both advanced and embedded analytics to help global leaders understand and engage their market and customers.”

With exploding data volumes flowing in and out of modern digital companies, the need to quantify that information in order to drive business insights is paramount. With business intelligence and big data tools lacking in certain areas, OpenText felt as though new solutions were required to make the process easier in order to give business users the ability to swiftly analyze data without the help of their IT department. OpenText Big Data Analytics offers enterprise organizations an all-in-one solution that gives them high-performance data storage, prebuilt equations, and company-tailored professional services to assist in this process. According to OpenText, the name of the game is to “turn insights into competitive advantage.”

Key features of the new solution include:

  • High-speed analytics columnar database (built-in): Provides 1000 times faster performance than traditional RDB solutions
  • Statistical algorithms (built-in): Allows analysts to do profiling, mapping, clustering, forecasting, and decision trees without the need to program
  • Cloud availability:  Accelerated implementation with managed cloud service deployments, reducing the investment in infrastructure and operations

OpenText Big Data Analytics brings predictive analytics features to all businesses, no matter what size they are. EIM customers who are looking to minimize their IT and upfront investment in advanced analytics while having the tools they need to deliver upon the power of big data to their everyday business functions will find this tool especially appealing.

OpenText Big Data Analytics is available within the OpenText Cloud via tiered subscription pricing. The solution is available immediately.

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