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Qlik Goes Multi-Cloud with New Augmented Analytics Capablities

Qlik Goes Multi-Cloud with New Augmented Analytics Capablities

Qlik Goes Multi-Cloud with New Augmented Analytics Capablities

Qlik has unveiled a new set of multi-cloud and augmented intelligence capabilities, according to a press release by the data analytics vendor. The new features enable the company to offer its Qlik Sense Enterprise on Qlik Cloud Services. It’s noteworthy because it makes Qlik one of the only providers in the marketplace able to offer its software via broad multi-cloud deployments, and all of them are available under single subscription licensing.

Qlik offers a broad spectrum of BI and data analytics functionality, and its product portfolio is headlined by Qlik Sense. The platform enables organizations to combine all their data sources into a single view, while Qlik Analytics allows them to develop, extend and embed visual analytics into existing applications and portals. Users can also build and embed Qlik as simple mashups or integrate within applications, information services or IoT platforms.

The new capabilities included in Qlik Sense Enterprise are aimed at advancing the company’s foray into 3rd-generation BI, which include data democratization, augmented analytics, and embedded analytics. In addition to deploying Qlik Sense on Qlik Cloud Services, customers can use the platform on Kubernetes in the public or private cloud of choice. Every Qlik deployment option now works as part of Qlik’s multi-cloud deployment framework that can be managed as one instance.

The Qlik Sense June release will include additional natural language support for Insight Advisor, and expanded user reach for precedent-based learnings directly imported into Qlik Cloud Services as well. There’s also a new suite of Qlik Sense SaaS products for groups and teams, direct connection in the cloud to additional applications, and the ability to access QlikView applications through Qlik’s cloud.

In a statement, the company’s CTO Mike Potter spoke to the new features, adding: “Qlik is leading customers’ ability to achieve scale and discover insights that drive significant transformation through our cloud-native, Kubernetes-based architecture.”

This update comes on the heels of Qlik’s Associative Big Data Index release. The Associative Engine is governed and can be deployed within big data repositories, eliminating the need to prepare and transfer data before it can be analyzed. Qlik acquired Attunity earlier this year.

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