Six Ways To Automate Processes And Accelerate Digital Transformation

From FlowForma

Every day at FlowForma® we start conversations with customers about transforming processes that almost always turn into digital discussions. They want to cut down on paper trails, increase process visibility, and meet regulatory requirements more easily.

They aspire to improve internal collaboration and facilitate seamless external communications with customers. They are looking for automation tools to fix broken processes, what Forrester Research Inc. calls “a new generation of digital process automation practices, platforms, and plans”. This eBook confirms that this phenomenon is happening at pace. Organizations and businesses from every sector are using FlowForma Process Automation to innovatewith cross-functional processes that cure long-standing pain points and are business transformational.

They have inspiring stories to tell about a user-friendly tool that has enabled them to do things differently, and provide practical examples of what digital transformation really means – on the ground, here-and-now, in the cut-and-thrust of busy working days.

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