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Pega Launches RPA Auto-balancing Feature for Bot Workload Management

Pega Launches RPA Auto-balancing Feature for Bot Workload Management

Pega Launches RPA Auto-balancing Feature for Bot Workload ManagementPegasystems Inc. recently launched Pega RPA Auto-balancing — the industry’s first Robotic Process Automation feature that automatically provisions workloads between an enterprise’s available bots. This new Pega Robot Manager feature uses artificial intelligence to intelligently optimize the capacity and efficiency of bot resources as needed with no outside human intervention.

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Pegasystems offers a Business Process Management tool that is developed on Java and OOP concepts. The platform allows users to quickly assemble an executable business application using visual tools. Pegasystems has an extensive history of developing applications that offer support services to carry out daily operations like sales, marketing, and services. The system supports case lifecycle management allowing business owners to develop a process flow that brings people and technology together for routine automation and improving reliability and efficiency in the case of unexpected events.

With Pega RPA Auto-balancing, the new Pega Robot Manager feature analyzes all work requests and automatically provisions them across available bots. When new or unexpected needs come up, the tool dynamically and intelligently reallocates bots in real-time to get the job done. Pega RPA Auto-balancing will also be able to prioritize more important work over less critical jobs when bot demand exceeds capacity. This feature enables businesses to stop wasting money on supplemental bot licenses and management resources.

In a media statement, Eric Musser, general manager of intelligent automation at Pegasystems, said, “too many organizations are trying to overcome RPA’s many limitations by, ironically, buying even more bots. This just results in more bot management headaches and costs them more money while never truly reaching scale. In our latest step towards hands-free RPA, Pega RPA Auto-balancing makes it simple and painless to maximize bot efficiency and reduce costs without human intervention — bringing true automation across the entire RPA lifecycle.”

Available now, Pega RPA Auto-balancing is included in the new version of Pega Robot Manager, and the prioritization feature will be available by the end of the year.

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