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Pega Process AI Offers Self-Optimizing Process Automation

Pega Process AI Offers Self-Optimizing Process Automation

Pega Process AI Offers Self-Optimizing Process AutomationPegasystems Inc. recently announced Pega Process AI — a new set of Pega Platform capabilities to help organizations optimize their business and user operations in real-time. By infusing self-optimizing AI and decision management into its low-code process automation software, Pega offers a solution that can intelligently triage millions of incoming customer requests, transactions, and other events at an enterprise scale. This allows for fast and effective event resolutions while helping to reduce operating costs and simplify employee and customer experiences.

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Pegasystems offers a Business Process Management tool that is developed on Java and OOP concepts. The platform allows users to quickly assemble an executable business application using visual tools. Pegasystems has an extensive history of developing applications that offer support services to carry out daily operations like sales, marketing, and services. The system supports case lifecycle management allowing business owners to develop a process flow that brings people and technology together for routine automation and improves reliability and efficiency in unexpected events. Within the last year, the vendor also launched Process Fabric, a business portal to coordinate user access with processes and applications. 

Process AI enhances the value of process automation by applying proven real-time AI, event stream processing, machine learning, decisioning, and natural language processing (NLP) to any business process. These capabilities analyze millions of streaming events and immediately make intelligent decisions so each case gets quickly resolved. Using self-learning models, Process AI also streamlines inefficient processes on the fly to better optimize business outcomes. This enables organizations to efficiently resolve events and anticipate issues before they come up.

In a press statement, Don Schuerman, CTO and vice president of product marketing at Pegasystems, said, “slick user interfaces quickly lose their luster with customers if the back-end processes driving the actual work are too slow and inefficient to deliver on brand promises. Pega Process AI combines two of Pega’s most advanced solutions — AI and intelligent automation — to help ensure promises made at the front end are promises kept at the back end. By infusing AI into our deep expertise with case management and process automation, we help clients more efficiently and effectively serve their customers and assist their employees.”

Process AI is part of Pega Platform, a unified and open platform providing a seamless Center-out method for connecting operational processes with customer experiences.

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