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TrackVia Launches FasTrack Feature for Citizen Developers

TrackVia Launches FasTrack Feature for Citizen Developers

TrackVia Launches FasTrack Feature for Citizen DevelopersTrackVia recently announced FasTrack, a new photo-to-app feature. FasTrack allows developers, IT professionals, or front-line business users to take a picture of a form, upload it into TrackVia, and instantly convert it into a fully functional application with centralized data storage, built-in reporting, security, and modern integration and workflow capabilities. No coding experience is needed to utilize this technology.

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TrackVia is a user–friendly offering that’s often viewed as an alternative to many traditional BPM platforms. As a low–code platform, users can quickly assemble their applications to match their unique business processes without extensive IT assistance or coding knowledge. TrackVia provides real-time reports, interactive charts, intelligent charts, intelligent automation, and user permissions. The platform is ideal for manufacturing companies and looks to help these companies reduce manufacturing defects, manage CAPA processes, react to indicators of defects, and fix quality-related issues before they occur.

In addition to converting photos of forms into applications, users can also use FasTrack to convert PDFs into applications or create them from scratch by using their mobile device if they are out of the office. This new feature is included standard at no additional cost to users and is available now.

In a press statement, Walker Fenton, SVP of Product for TrackVia, said, “companies waste millions of hours every year trying to capture data manually with paper or PDF forms, only to waste even more time keying that data into other systems. The TrackVia FasTrack feature allows front-line workers or department managers to pull out their mobile phone, snap a photo of a form, and digitally streamline that entire process in just a few seconds without any coding whatsoever.”

TrackVia also announced the introduction of a new mobile-only offering, TrackVia Mobile. This platform gives organizations a simple way to explore citizen development and includes one administrator user and five mobile users. 

Ed Daihl, the CEO of TrackVia, also added, “a lot of companies want to start their citizen development journey with a mobile use case that’s quick to get up and running and shows a big impact fast. TrackVia’s new mobile-only offering combined with the FasTrack feature allows companies to see for themselves and then scale things over time.”

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