5 Healthcare Cloud Platforms for Your Consideration

5 Healthcare Cloud Platforms for Your Consideration

If you’ll excuse the pun, healthcare is a life or death industry. At any given time, hospitals are monitoring the health and insurance information of both discharged and new patients, managing hospital staff information, and working to comply with any industry standards. Sounds like a lot of work, huh? With so much information flowing around at once, hospitals are increasingly looking to the cloud to improve the performance and reliability of existing IT systems. If you’re in healthcare and considering making the jump towards cloud computing, you may want to consider taking a look at some of these platforms.

ClearData provides a healthcare exclusive cloud platform equipped with advanced cloud technology, information, security, and performance combined with robust managed and professional services. ClearData meets the highest standards in compliance, security, and accesibility to ease the fear of organizations. Furthermore, the platform makes data easier to access by delivering advanced data warehousing capabilities across the health data management cycle, adheres to open standards, and provides interoperability across systems.

 While certainly not a no-name, IBM Cloud has offered the same sort of specified service as many smaller vendors. IBM allows organizations to choose from multiple secure, scalable , private  cloud options. Additionally, the platform allows organizations to embed powerful services that capture and synthesize the whirlwind of sensitive healthcare data.

Salesforce is another massive vendor with a significant hold in the healthcare space. With Salesforce HealthCloud, organizations are able establish a 1 to 1 relationship with their patients through a connected experience from acquisition, through care coordination, and beyond. Additionally, the platform allows organizations to make the shift to value-based care with a single view of a patient across multiple teams of healthcare professionals.

 Dell’s Secure Healthcare Cloud provides organizations with an environment that allows for easy HIPAA compliance, disaster recovery, and patient privacy. The platform offers assistance for either building a private cloud or integrating existing infrastructure with any of Dell’s solutions. The Dell Secure Healthcare Cloud features support for secured mobile devices, a logically partitioned network, computer, and storage, and interoperability to ease integration , SSO, and MPI.

AWS gives healthcare providers the ability to reduce the time and effort required to run existing workloads, provides access to powerful data analytics tools, and ensures that your data is always in compliance with privacy and security regulations. Providers feeling the pressure of their bottom line may be interested to hear that AWS offering pay-as-you-go services with no minimum spend requirements, long term contracts, or technical lock-ins.