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Cloud Computing on YouTube: 7 Channels You Should Follow

Cloud Computing on YouTube - 7 Channels You Should Follow

Cloud Computing on YouTube - 7 Channels You Should FollowIn the decade since its creation, YouTube has become a cultural phenomenon, and that’s not all because of cats and ‘epic fails.’ YouTube has evolved into one of the premier digital learning tools on the web. Thousands of user upload reviews, tutorials, and especially opinions  on, well, just about everything. 

YouTube tutorials have gotten me through car repairs, computer repairs, and home improvement projects; they’ve taught me new guitar techniques, and they’ve even improved my skiing form.

Cloud computing is no different. YouTube is an essential piece of the education process when searching for a cloud solution provider, or simply looking to improve the effectiveness of your current cloud solution. There’s a plethora of resources available, but there’s a lack of quality control, so how do you separate the good from the bad? We’ve got your back. Here’s our alphabetical list of seven must-follow cloud computing resources on YouTube.

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services’ official AWS Cloud channel is the go-to resource for any AWS queries. The channel is broken down into several categories: network and computing, storage and CDN, database, analytics, app services, and deployment and management. Each category has its own set of subcategories for relevant tutorials, webinars, and product demos, making it easy to find the exact video to help answer your questions.


The #Cloudcomputing channel is an aggregator that’s gathered all of the most popular cloud computing YouTube videos in one place. It’s a great one-stop-shop for basic cloud information and the only non-brand-specific resource on this list. Buyer beware though, because of its method of aggregation, many of the top videos on the #Cloudcomputing channel are quite old, and may contain outdated information. But old doesn’t always mean bad, Eli the Computer Guy’s 2011 breakdown of cloud computing is still an extremely popular resource for curious cloud computing newbies, and deservedly so.


UK cloud provider Databarracks doesn’t have a lot of content on their official YouTube channel, but they do have lots of potential for great content in the near future. These guys got British actor and comedian Stephen Fry to explain the cloud for them in a video featuring a way-cool animation. It’s one of the most entertaining cloud computing videos you’ll find, so check it out below. Aside from their star power, we like the Databarracks Classroom video series, which features Databarracks developers explaining key cloud methods.

Google Cloud Platform

Unsurprisingly, YouTube owner and overall tech giant Google has a strong YouTube presence. Google’s official cloud platform channel is a great resource for exploring Google’s cloud offerings or, if you’re already a Google customer, optimizing your cloud experience. The channel is divided into four sections: How-to’s, Cloud events, Customer Corner, and my personal favorite: Cloud Devbytes, a series of videos starring Google developers, explaining complex Google Cloud features and functions.

IBM Cloud Computing

IBM Cloud Computing’s official YouTube page is highly active and conveniently categorized to help you find exactly what you need, from product features and specifications to in-depth technical how-to’s. My favorite offering is the “IBM Cloud Minute,” a series of videos featuring industry insiders succinctly explaining ideas and industry trends.

Microsoft Azure

Azure’s official YouTube page provides product demos, news  and announcements, speeches from Microsoft events, and webinars. My favorite offering is the “Tuesdays with Corey”  video series, in which an Azure employee (Corey) lightheartedly explains specific capabilities and features of Azure, in brief, digestible videos.

Salesforce Video

Salesforce maintains a highly active official YouTube page with nearly 600 videos, conveniently broken into sub-channels for every aspect of Salesforce’s business. There’s a lot of marketing material here, but Salesforce uploads new how-to’s and product demos nearly every week.

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