Five Cloud Solutions That Will Empower Your Devops Success

These Helpful Cloud Solutions Empower Your DevOps Practices
Cloud computing and DevOps tools have evolved in a variety of ways. For example, some solutions focus on log management, testing, security, and concepts many haven’t even heard of. Keeping up with new tools from startups or even long-lasting companies in the cloud space is a difficult task.

Thus, to ease the solution purchasing journey, we’ve compiled a list of interesting and helpful tools in the cloud computing space. These solutions give organizations niche strengths to better harness their cloud.


Elasticsearch is a distributed search and analytics engine capable of solving various use cases. The product was created by Elastic, as a tool within their Elastic Stack. It centrally stores data, so users can find expected and unexpected information.

Users can perform and combine many types of searches with immediate answers. Elasticsearch uses inverted indices with finite state transducers for full-text querying, BKD trees for storing numeric and geodata, and a column store for analytics. It scales horizontally to handle a near unlimited number of events per second. Enhanced further with the automatic managing of distribution. 


Gremlin provides users with chaos as a service. The company’s software gives users the framework to safely simulate real outages throughout their systems. Now, this might sound a lot like testing, but that’s not the case.

The primary difference between testing and chaos is the scale and the results. Testing tools are usually simplistic in practice. You provide a testing tool with a condition, and it gives you a result. Gremlin creates an experimental scenario to not only test your systems but to test yourself and your team. You might discover far more than you asked for. 


Harness offers a continuous delivery-as-a-service platform with many automation capabilities. Continuous delivery (CD) has become a necessary staple for modern organizations, Harness helps users keep up with the competition.

Their solution is offered in both on-premises and SaaS. Harness works at scale for application delivery and can automate the entire CD process, including container and serverless applications. Machine learning brings automated verification to each step of application deployment and release. 


Papertrail, a SolarWinds Product, gives users the ability to manage logs from different servers instantly. Logs become consolidated in a single cloud-hosted log management service. Users can then diagnose and eliminate customer problems, error messages, app server errors, and slow DB queries with full visibility across logs.

The application aggregates syslog, text log files, MySQL, cloud hosting, routers and firewalls, Windows events, and more. Papertrail is real-time and users get alerted instantly during any issues. It fast to set up, providing visibility across all systems in minutes. Also, the search function can sift through hours of logs in just seconds. 


ShiftLeft protects software from known and unknown vulnerabilities by embracing change. It extracts Security DNA whenever a microservice changes. It then creates a Microagent to protect specific versions of each microservice. Security DNA automatically informs the Microagents of a specific microservice’s security needs. This creates accurate runtime protection.

Shiftleft helps DevOps and security come together to create DevSecOps. Their product allows the integration of security into continuous integration and continuous deployment. Users can also see how their data flows across microservices to ensure compliance.