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Dealing with Docker: 9 Resources for Learning Linux Containers

cloudincontainerIf you work IT and have a pulse, then you’ve heard the hype surrounding Docker and their Linux containers. Chances are you’re up to your ears in it. Lately, it seems like there’s a new article hyping Docker’s shiny new containers every day. This “lightweight virtualization” is DevOps’ silver bullet, or so we’re told. But despite all that we hear about Docker, its acquisitions, its funding, and its integrations, it can be difficult to find out how to get started using the actual product.

Lucky for us, there’s, a wonderful resource where users and organizations can host past webinars and presentations for public access. We combed through hundreds of presentations hosted on the site and pulled a few of the best resources for learning to use Linux containers.

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An introduction to Docker’s unique take on Linux container technology, straight from the horses mouth. This 30-slide, Docker-sponsored presentation from DevOps Days organizer and experienced IT pro John Willis (@botchagalupe) covers the basics of the Docker platform, its installation, and its workflows.

Looking for a deeper dive into the workings of Linux containers? In this presentation from the 2014 Linux Plumbers Conference in Düsseldorf, Germany, Docker employee Christian S. discusses how Docker’s “intermodal shipping containers” can solve deployment problems and run on mainframe kernels with lower overhead than traditional virtual machines (VMs).

This brief 12-slide presentation from Docker employee Daniel Mizyrycki covers the basic process of launching applications on Docker containers.

Once you’ve got your applications ‘dockerized’ you’ll probably want to ship them to production. This in-depth 53-slide presentation from Docker employee Jérôme Petazzoni (@jpetazzo) covers what it takes to use Docker and containers in production workloads.

So you’ve deployed your apps in Docker, now what about security? Petazzoni is back to tackle your questions in this 43-page presentation, Containers, Docker, and Security: State of the Union. Petazzoni explains the main concerns around Docker and security, (“can I safely colocate containers on the same machine?”), as well as new concerns, including image transport, vulnerability mitigation, and more.

After a recap about the current state of container security, Jérôme will explain why those new questions showed up, and most importantly, how to address them and safely deploy containers in general, and Docker in particular.

So you want to learn about using Docker with a specific cloud platform…

Lucky you, we’ve got presentations for that too… Check out these presentations for:

Using Docker on Google App Engine…

On Microsoft Azure…

On Openstack…

And finally on AWS.

Can’t get enough of the cloud? Check out these additional resources:

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