Five Workflow Management Options for Google Apps

Five Workflow Management Options for Google AppsA Guide to Business Process Excellence

Get this guide and read through all the workflow possibilities for virtually all types of businesses, what do you think fits your organization best? Are you doing fine with Gmail and Spreadsheets, or do you need to stop manually transferring data with Forms? Do you want to try your hand at Google Apps Scripts, or do you have some workflow software in mind?

Inside you will find Five Chapters on common management workflow challenges and how you can leverage Google apps to streamline them all.
  • CHAPTER ONE — GMail + Google Sheets: The Original Chaos
  • CHAPTER TWO — The First Step in Automation: Google Forms
  • CHAPTER THREE — Google Apps Script: Let the Machines Do the Talking
  • CHAPTER FOUR — The Ideal Workflow Management Solution, 99% of the Time
  • CHAPTER FIVE — Custom-Made Workflow Software for a Rare Breed of Businesses

This Guide is part of the Solutions Review Best Practices Series and is brought to you by KiSSFLOW– the top Workflow for Google Apps and G Suite tool.

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