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Oracle Adds Machine Learning and AI to Cloud Security Services

Oracle Adds Machine Learning and AI to Cloud Security Services

Oracle Adds Machine Learning and AI to Cloud Security ServicesYesterday, Oracle announced that it has improved its cloud security services portfolio by adding machine learning, artificial intelligence and contextual awareness technologies. The software giant has done so by adding a new adaptive access capabilities into Oracle Identity Cloud Services and has expanded its Cloud Access Security Broker service to support its SaaS products with automated threat detection. This new feature comes in response to the increased frequency and breadth of incidents targeting both privileged and end-user credentials, Oracle said.

Peter Barker, SVP of Identity and Security at Oracle, remarked on the benefits that advancements in machine learning can provide to clients of cloud services.

“We are making a large investment in providing comprehensive security solutions that can help enterprises adapt, manage and strengthen their security posture against external and internal risks,” he said.

“Our expertise in data science and machine learning enable Oracle to bring unique, scalable and dependable security services to customers transitioning workloads to the Oracle Cloud or third party clouds.”

The Cloud CASB Cloud Service has an integrated user behavior engine, that establishes user baselines and compares activity to baseline to identify anomalous behavior. If the engine identifies deviations from baseline behaviors, it automatically begins a customer directed incident response or automated remediation to address the issue. Threat responses can either be client-supervised  or automated, depending on the client’s preference at various risk levels.

The CASB Cloud Service also integrates security monitoring and threat detection with Oracle’s software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications, giving customers the ability to use machine learning to monitor threats to enterprise environments. Oracle threat detection may integrated with the Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud, the Enterprise Resource Planning Cloud, and the Customer Experience Cloud Suite.

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