Gartner Webinar: Take Responsibility for Backing Up Cloud-Based Data

 Gartner Webinar Take Responsibility for Backing Up Cloud-Based Data

Calling all cloud computing professionals!  Mark your calendars for July 14th, 2016 when Gartner inc. will host a free, LIVE webinar discussing how one goes about the practice of taking responsibility for backing up cloud-based data! Webinar Hosts, Lowell Shulman, and Jerry Rozeman, esteemed research directors at Gartner Inc., will explore these topics and reflect on a digital landscape that’s working to make cloud computing more secure.

Topics include:

  • Cloud service provider and user responsibilities
  • What IaaS/SaaS providers and legacy backup vendors offer
  • How to assess the right approach to backup your data

Gartner explains that cloud hosted applications need data protection similar to on-premises data: “Although IaaS/SaaS providers (AWS, Azure, Office 365) offer excellent data resiliency, most do not offer native backup.”

This webinar will show users how to develop a strategy for protecting and recovering cloud applications and data.

Your Hosts:

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Register for the webinar HERE, and be sure to invite your fellow cloud enthusiasts!
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