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Introduction to Enterprise Cloud Managed Service Providers

introduction managed service providers

Introduction to Enterprise Cloud Managed Service Providers
Enterprise computing has advanced tremendously over the past decade. Cloud computing has become a staple and new technologies or trends are always coming about. The constant advancement of enterprise tech has caused a lot of companies to fall behind, though. This has created a booming market for managed service providers.

The cloud-managed service market is relatively new, as many vendors have only begun offering these services within the last five years. It is experiencing dramatic growth with the increased complexity of an enterprise cloud. These providers work directly with clients to accomplish their cloud goals in a variety of critical areas.

Not all managed service providers are built the same. Enterprises of any size use MSPs to accomplish many different services. Each company has different IT needs and each managed service provider specializes in different areas.

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Managed service providers have also been called managed service partners. This is an effective way to understand the relationship between an enterprise and MSP. They work directly with clients to make a roadmap to accomplish cloud computing goals.

There aren’t many limits to what an MSP can do for you. Depending on your specific needs, they’ll even be able to do continued maintenance and management of your cloud systems. This partnership can be a long-term relationship so that you don’t have to worry as much about day-to-day repetitive tasks. Your provider can build automated workload or security solutions to let your team focus on more important projects.

Some enterprises may only need an MSP for a quick project, like building an application or migrating. These options are available and can be more effective than buying a standalone product without personalization. Hence, enterprises don’t have to deal with cloud limitations if they have a partner to help them along the road.

Cost Management

Cloud infrastructure customers regularly complain about the unmanaged cost. This created an influx of solutions focused on cost management, a core feature for many managed service providers.

The issue with cloud infrastructure costs is that you’re charged by how you leverage and manage your cloud. Thus, without detailed knowledge of the infrastructure itself, it’s very difficult to maintain effective cost to performance. MSPs provide enterprises with a cloud certified engineer to help keep costs down while increasing performance. They can provide easy to use platforms with automation, while also having the ability to build cloud-native applications for your cloud of choice.

Cloud Services

It is impossible to fully explain what a cloud managed service provider can do. It can be just about anything cloud-related. So enterprises looking for help with migration, transformation, automation, DevOps, and more will be able to develop a beneficial partnership with their MSP. Also, depending on your needs, an MSP can offer support 24/7/365. These companies employ a large pool of certified engineers for your respective cloud and are built to help fill your needs.

Emerging Technologies and Trends

Managed service providers help enterprises modernize their IT systems. Automation is an emerging trend throughout the IT space, and MSPs strive to provide these options for clients. It’s often difficult for enterprises to successfully implement new technologies without the help of a vendor or provider. Containers are another example of a difficult to manage enterprise technology that comes with a lot of benefits when used correctly.

Many MSPs have specific competencies in implementing DevOps, a work culture that thrives with proper automation options. Automation enables enterprise IT teams to spend time on more important issues than repetitive maintenance. Many managed service providers have experience with both DevOps and security, eliminating the security flaw of DevOps.

As more trends grow in the enterprise technology space, managed service providers will be there with solutions options. They work with you to find out exactly what you want and need.

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