How to Accelerate Container Adoption

From Lacework

Managed Service Providers Buyer's Guide

As organizations move fast to develop and deliver business-critical applications, they face significant challenges in aligning agility with security and compliance. Developing applications with containers has become an increasingly popular way to operationalize speed, but it must be able to do so without jeopardizing security and compliance. Until recently, the notion of running production workloads in containers was considered heretical. But the success of Docker and Kubernetes changed that outlook as IT teams embraced a less cumbersome, more portable way to move applications from staging into production environments. Using a complete runtime structure, containers brought libraries, dependencies, configuration files, and other binaries into a single, comprehensive package. The popularity of containers has been on an upward trend ever since, and it’s clear they are now considered critical assets to organizations trying to deliver code at speed and scale. However, their agile structure is built for widespread access and integration across diverse resources, and that can leave security gaps.

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