How Managed Service Providers Enhance Lift and Shift Migration

Lift and Shift Migration
As enterprises migrate to the cloud, many unexpected issues arise. The issues tend to arise due to lift and shift migration. Specifically, lift and shift migration fails to address compatibility between on-premises and cloud solutions. Using a lift and shift migration provider doesn’t eliminate this problem either, as they tend to hand off the new environment to your team once they finish.

Monitoring solutions particularly struggle when it comes to lift and shift. Since everything is now in the cloud, teams do not have adequate visibility. Thus, the gap prevents teams from reacting to live issues. In a new environment, visibility holds more importance than ever. Monitoring solutions help IT professionals understand the environment they work with.

Managed Service Providers for Digital Transformation

Managed service providers don’t simply lift and shift. They go beyond the initial steps of migration if your team needs it. In fact, they perform continued maintenance if needed.

I might not end there though. Many enterprises use professional services as a complete replacement for security and monitoring. We chatted with LogicMonitor’s VP of products, Gadi Oren, to get his prediction on this everchanging market:

In 2019, managed professional services and emerging products will address the situation of “the day after” as companies move to the cloud and realize that their existing ecosystem of on-premises solutions couldn’t move with them. Many companies will leverage professional service solutions to replace security, monitoring and change/cost management as they become hybrid or cloud centered. Alternatively, it will be easier for companies to start by placing a supporting echo-system that is hybrid ahead of the lift and shift transition and carry it over into the new environment.

Supporting hybrid ahead of a lift and shift helps teams transition without the headaches of a complete migration. A slower approach will help your team become acquainted with their new environment while still having comfort. Regardless, using a managed service provider making this entire process easier. They provide support and act as a partner during your move.