3 Questions You Need To Ask Your Managed Service Provider

managed service provider questionsDeciding what managed service provider would fit best with your cloud computing goals can be difficult. With our Managed Service Provider Buyer’s Guide, you can learn about top MSPs across the cloud space. It includes 10 questions to ask potential vendors, and yourself. Below is an excerpt of questions to ask from our free buyer’s guide, which you can access below.

How easy would it be to switch from one MSP to another if it doesn’t work out?

Every MSP is built differently, so it’s certainly a possibility it won’t work out with your first choice. It’s much better to understand what your options are prior to dedicating yourself to a contact. Some MSPs offer flexible results-based pricing, but this isn’t always the case. Ask your vendor how they would help you prepare for a potential move. Don’t get locked into a single provider, make sure they understand this is a mutual partnership of trust.

What is your customer to Certified Professional ratio?

One of the most attractive benefits of having a managed service provider is being able to rely on a cloud Certified Professional. Having a high ratio of professionals to clients increases the availability and personal touch you might be looking for. Some companies try to work with a limited number of large enterprises, so they always have a professional available to help. This service is supposed to be a partnership between an MSP and enterprise, so ratio can be crucial depending on your needs.

How do we go about adding services?

You may go into an agreement with a single goal in mind but end up wanting more down the line. For example, many enterprises think they just need help with migration, but later realize they want to add automation to their workloads. Since the initial agreement was only regarding the migration, understanding how adding services affects your partnership is crucial.