A Look at the Partners in the Twistlock Advantage Program

Twistlock Advantage Program
The Twistlock Advantage Program brings together partners from around the world focusing on the Cloud Native Ecosystems for enterprises. It includes partner categories for resellers, technology, and system integrators. The intention is to build an ecosystem of support and growth by providing technical, marketing, and go-to-market assistance.

When the program first launched in June, 14 vendors were included as charter members. Just two months later, there are now nearly 50 partners. The original members were AWS, Cloudability, Codefresh, CyberArk, Cylance, Datadog, Diamanti, JFrog, Pivotal, Rancher, Red Hat, RedLock, Sumologic, and SUSE.

Two criteria went into picking the vendors to write about in this article. They must be a charter member, and they must have a quote about the partner program via blog or press release.


Cloudability recently discussed the importance of this program in a blog post. The company offers a cloud cost optimization solution called True Cost. They collect utilization and allocation from Kubernetes. Through this, allocating cost and utilization percentage to the correct cost center.

Cloudability’s VP of Strategy and Alliances, Matthew Scott, stated:

“As more production workloads move to containers, our True Cost™ cloud management platform provides customers with deep visibility into their container costs. Our partnership with Twistlock for container security delivers the best-of-breed solutions for organizations going cloud-native.”


Codefresh is a continuous delivery platform built for Kubernetes. The company designed the Codefresh platform from the ground up for microservices and container-based apps. It puts the container image at the center of its continuous integration and delivery capabilities.

VP of marketing, Dan Garfield, stated:

“At Codefresh we’re focused on helping engineering teams deliver containers to production with our CI/CD platform. Many of our customers rely on Codefresh’s integration with Twistlock to secure their cloud-native apps. It makes perfect sense…build, deliver and secure!” 


Diamanti offers a fully integrated solution enabling businesses to develop and migrate modern applications into production. They provide bare-metal container services with an infrastructure built to deliver applications, rather than managing infrastructure.

Fred Love, VP of marketing, stated:

“The Diamanti hyperconverged container platform is purpose-built for modern cloud and open-source environments. Our partnership with Twistlock supports our shared view of bringing modern cloud-native applications and infrastructure to the enterprise, with industry-leading security, performance and ease-of-use through the lifecycle of the application.” 


The original goal for JFrog was to allow software updates to run continuously and automatically. They developed a universal artifact platform for DevOps. This platform is built for companies of all sizes, including many Fortune 500 enterprises.

Kit Merker, JFrog’s VP of business development stated:

“One of the most critical quality signals for any serious software team is the ability to identify and measure vulnerabilities, security threats and compliance concerns in a repeatable manner, and the ability to track all metadata between builds, Twistlock is enabling our mutual customers to deliver software with greater confidence and repeatability.” 


Pivotal provides a cloud-native platform, Pivotal Cloud Foundry, for running applications. Developers can spend more time writing code while operators work on improving security and uptime.  The platform continuously delivers any app to every major private and public cloud.

Pivotal’s head of business development for Pivotal Cloud Foundry, Nima Badiey, said:

“Twistlock and Pivotal intend to work together to help our mutual customers add next-generation security elements into their toolchains, to protect containers and applications running on the platform.” 

Red Hat

Red Hat is a multi-faceted enterprise technology company, covering a variety of areas. The partnership specifically relates to Red Hat OpenShift. This tool is used to build, deploy, and manage containers. It natively integrates technologies like Docker and Kubernetes.

Mike Werner, senior director of global technology ecosystems, stated:

“Enabling enterprise customer success in this area often requires a broad ecosystem working together to advance industry standards and to certify solutions that have been tested to work together. By collaborating with companies like Twistlock, Red Hat is aiming to help customers accelerate their path to innovation with cloud-native apps.”

Sumo Logic

Sumo Logic provides a cloud-native platform with real-time machine data analytics. Their continuous intelligence focus delivers insights across build, run and secure disciplines for applications. The platform analyzes over 100 petabytes of data, more than 16 million searches, and delivers 10s of millions of daily insights.

Sumo Logic’s VP of global partner sales and alliances, Jabari Norton, stated:

“Our mission is to democratize analytics through a new class of security analytics solutions that integrate application insight within infrastructure defense, making data accessible, simple and powerful for businesses of all sizes to gain the actionable insights they need to secure their organizations. Our partnership with Twistlock gives our joint customers a powerful visualization of their cloud-native security data which they can act with better and more secure insights.”


Twistlock brings security to Kubernetes and containers in a variety of ways. Their cybersecurity platform is automated and scalable. It includes precise, full-lifecycle vulnerability and compliance management. Users can also harness application-tailored runtime defense and cloud native firewalls. Twistlock’s container security is updated regularly to eliminate new threats.

John Leon, VP of business development, stated in a blog post:

“Securely moving to containers, serverless and other cloud-native platforms require new operational models as well as new technology platforms. One of the common threads we hear in conversation is the difficulty of centralizing security, visibility, and compliance when making this change. Members in the Twistlock Advantage Program will work closely with Twistlock to ensure seamless integration of security at every step of the cloud-native journey, delivering technology integrations, consulting services, and reference architectures to our shared customers – so they can go from unsure to secure faster than ever before.”