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The Best Zoho CRM Tutorials and Demos to Watch on YouTube

Zoho CRM Tutorials

Zoho CRM Tutorials

The editors at Solutions Review have compiled a list to spotlight some of the best Zoho CRM tutorials and demos on YouTube to help you become familiar with one of the most popular CRM platforms on the market.

SR Finds 100x100The Zoho CRM platform is one of the leading solutions in the customer relationship management marketplace. The CRM platform offers a versatile, customer-focused, and end-to-end solution with functionalities for sales and marketing automation, human resources, finance, lead management, business analytics, reporting, customer management, and a multi-purpose artificial intelligence known as Zia.

Learning how to use a CRM platform can be challenging, especially if your company is either new to the Zoho CRM platform or considering whether it’s the right solution for your needs.

Thankfully, there are plenty of online resources to help companies of all sizes learn about Zoho’s CRM functionalities and how they can help you improve your company’s marketing and customer relationship strategies.

With that in mind, our editors have compiled the following list of Zoho CRM tutorials and video demonstrations on YouTube to help you get the most value from the platform.

All of the Zoho CRM tutorials listed below are free to access and feature guidance from some of the top minds in the CRM marketplace.

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The Best Zoho CRM Tutorials and Demos on YouTube

Basics of Zoho CRM

Channel: Zoho CRM

Description: If you’re looking for an entry into Zoho’s CRM platform basics, why not start with a demo from the company itself? In a compact seventeen minutes, Zoho will introduce you to the features and settings you need to know about to feel familiar with Zoho’s functionality. Specific topics covered include the terminologies used throughout the CRM platform, the options available to users after logging in, the various navigation methods available, and a rundown of the features you can take advantage of.


Set up your CRM in under 30 minutes | Bigin by Zoho CRM

Channel: Bigin By Zoho CRM

Description: Bigin is a product developed specifically for the needs of small businesses. With this fifteen-minute video, prospective customers will learn how to set up an account and receive a brief introduction to the information and processes involved in setting up their profile, landing their first deal, and more. The video is available on the official Bigin YouTube page, where viewers can find a collection of other helpful walkthroughs, tips, and demos.


ZOHO CRM Best Practices – Part 1

Channel: Lior Izik – Business Automation Solutions

Description: If you’ve recently implemented the Zoho CRM platform into your company and want a brief rundown on some of the best practices worth knowing about, this video can help. Lior Izik is a professional business coach and Premium Zoho Partner, which means he has the experience needed to introduce viewers to the fundamentals of Zoho’s CRM solution.


Zoho CRM Dashboards

Channel: Twelve/Three Marketing, Inc.

Description: This video focuses specifically on Zoho CRM’s dashboard functionalities and will introduce viewers to the processes involved in creating and modifying a dashboard, utilizing widgets, building a custom homepage, and more. The video is almost thirty minutes long and comes from the team at Twelve/Three Marketing, who have over twenty years of CRM experience and offer their audience an extensive collection of CRM demos, tips, and classes.


Zoho CRM Free Version 2021 Full Introduction, New User And Setup Training Tutorial

Channel: PNUK Training

Description: This ninety-minute webinar is geared toward absolute beginners and will introduce them to the features available in Zoho’s free CRM platform, how it can benefit their business, set up an account, and more. Specific topics covered include the free pricing plan, converting leads to contacts, accounts management, deals, how to use the mobile app, collaborating with team members, inviting users to the platform, editing data sharing settings, and more.


Zoho CRM How-To: Manage your sales pipeline with Leads, Deals, and Quotes

Channel: TopLine Results

Description: Learn how to track sales pipelines, create quotes for customers, add products to deals, and convert leads into an account, contact, and deal with this compact video for marketers just starting on the Zoho CRM platform. The team at TopLine Results provides viewers with a collection of video walkthroughs and introduction to CRM and marketing platforms like Zoho, Microsoft Dynamics, and Salesforce.


Zoho CRM Tutorial for Beginners | Get Started with Zoho FREE ALL-IN-ONE CRM Software

Channel: Stewart Gauld

Description: In this Zoho CRM tutorial, Stewart Gauld—who runs a digital consultancy firm that helps small businesses grow their businesses—will walk you through the process of getting started on the free version of Zoho CRM’s platform. Topics covered include signing up, navigating the Zoho CRM dashboard, creating leads, adding contacts, managing the sales pipeline, tracking campaigns, and more.


Zoho CRM 2021 Webinar – Overview & Best Practices

Channel: Zenatta Consulting & The CRM Zen Show

Description: This webinar covers all of the fundamental tools and functions available on the Zoho CRM and will provide viewers with some practical business tips to help them get the most value from their CRM. Topics covered throughout the hour-long webinar and the Q&A session at the end include custom views, module formatting, workflows, marketing activities, custom fields, the Zoho Marketplace, deal stages, and more.


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