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Top MarTech News From the Week of June 7th: Updates from Microsoft, Sprout Social, Zoho, and More

MarTech News June 7th

MarTech News June 7th

The editors at Solutions Review have curated this list of the most noteworthy MarTech news from the week of June 7th. This round-up covers announcements and updates from Microsoft, Sprout Social, Zoho, and more.

Keeping tabs on the most relevant CRM and MarTech news can be time-consuming. As a result, our editorial team aims to summarize the week’s top headlines in the marketing technology landscape. The Solutions Review editors will compile a weekly round-up of vendor product news, mergers and acquisitions, venture capital funding, talent acquisition, and other noteworthy MarTech news. With that in mind, here is some of the top MarTech news from June 7th.

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Top MarTech News From the Week of June 7th, 2024

Airship Releases New Features to Help Marketers Personalize Customer Experiences

Airship, a mobile-first customer experience company, has announced several platform enhancements that give marketers more flexibility and control over how they personalize content, gather zero-party data from customers’ app experiences, and more. Specific features include feature tags, cross-platform wallet notifications, and the ability to integrate dynamic, personalized content throughout the applications a customer uses. The news was announced at Shoptalk Europe, which ran from June 3rd to 5th in Barcelona.

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Algolia Debuts an AI Personalization Tool

Algolia, an end-to-end AI-powered search solution, has announced the AI Personalization tool. This tool allows merchandisers and developers to deliver tailored content to every online visitor by leveraging insights from customer behavior, preferences, feedback, and attributes. Companies can also use AI Personalization to reduce the necessity for manual interventions, make time decay adjustments, promote more precise personalization, and initiate automated event and facet weight computations.

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Amplitude Announces the General Availability of a Snowflake Native Offering

Amplitude, a digital analytics platform, announced the general availability of its Snowflake native offering. With this new solution, companies can leverage Amplitude’s product analysis capabilities without their data leaving the Snowflake ecosystem, which makes it easier for companies to understand customers, build better products, and promote business growth. For example, the combined capabilities of Amplitude and Snowflake will make it easier for organizations to bring product and customer insights together to maintain privacy, security, and compliance requirements.

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CallMiner’s App Marketplace is Available Now

CallMiner, a conversation intelligence solution provider, has announced the CallMiner App Marketplace, which will act as a “one-stop” destination for complementary partner technology applications, services, and CallMinor product extensions. The marketplace will enable CallMiner partners to generate new business and allow customers to achieve deeper visibility into the value-added services available to them. Multiple partners are already available on the CallMiner App Marketplace, and ongoing initiatives are underway to onboard new and existing partners into the ecosystem.

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Contentstack Launches New Tools and Capabilities for its Solution Suite

Contentstack—a headless CMS and composable DXP provider—has announced new solutions and capabilities to help companies address digital marketing personalization challenges, streamline processes to support scale, and more. The updates include the launch of Contentstack Personalize and the Contentstack Brand Kit, alongside expanded Contentstack Academy offerings and the debut of an AI Accelerator program. Contentstack Personalize is designed to create tailored experiences with A/B/n Testing and segmentation. Meanwhile, the Brand Kit expands the CMS with a repository of brand assets and voice profiles to help users shape AI content’s tone, style, language, and flexibility.

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Convoso Details its New CallCatalyst Solution

Convoso, an AI-powered contact center software for sales teams, has released CallCatalyst. The solution—detailed at the Customer Contact Week (CCW) conference in Las Vegas—can accommodate companies with different risk profiles and provide productive manual dialing for companies that want to avoid the time cost of waiting for those calls to connect. CallCatalyst comes equipped with features for human-initiated calling, user management tools, agent performance monitoring, analytics, lead call optimization, and a new user experience.

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Microsoft Shares Details on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Contact Center Solution

Microsoft has announced the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Contact Center, a Copilot-first contact center solution designed to deliver generative AI functionalities to every customer engagement channel. The standalone Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) solution will be generally available on July 1st and launch with next-generation self-service tools, intelligent unified routing to steer incoming requests to the agent best suited to help, and AI-based, real-time reporting. Companies can use this platform to optimize their contact center operations across support channels, maximize current investments, and connect to their preferred CRM system.

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Nimble Expands its CRM with an Email Sequences Feature

Nimble, a “relationship-focused” CRM provider, has announced a new Email Sequences feature. With this tool, small business teams can nurture leads with strategically personalized emails that increase engagement, drive sales, foster business growth, and improve lead management. Nimble’s email sequence toolkit can also help brands accelerate their outbound lead generation efforts, close the loop on inbound leads, increase sales productivity with automation, and improve sales processes with data-driven decisions and scalable campaigns.

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Observe.AI Extends its Platform with New GenAI Features

Observe.AI, a GenAI conversation intelligence platform for contact centers, has released several new generative AI capabilities to help contact centers improve revenue, retention, and operational efficiency. With the new real-time AI and post-interaction AI tools, contact centers can customize their after-call notes, attain comprehensive Auto QA coverage, provide customized real-time guidance to agents, improve productivity, maintain compliance, and use natural language prompts to extract nuanced insights.

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RudderStack Releases a New Predictions Tool for its Customer Data Platform

RudderStack, a warehouse-native customer data platform, has announced its new Predictions product, which can help data teams generate predictive customer traits and deliver them to business users for activations. The product, announced at the Snowflake Data Cloud Summit 2024, runs actively in Snowpark and automatically trains and runs machine learning models for LTV prediction, propensity scoring, and churn scoring. This will allow data scientists to focus on more valuable ML and AI projects.

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Salesforce Introduces New and Expanded Features for Sales Teams

Salesforce recently announced new features to make sales calls more productive. The additions include generative AI for Einstein Conversation Insights (ECI), Sales Signals, and new Einstein Copilot actions for Sales Cloud. These tools are grounded in a CRM context and use AI technologies to improve how salespeople prepare for, conduct, and follow up on calls with customers and prospects. Sales Signals and the new Einstein Copilot for Sales actions will be generally available in the summer of 2024, while the GenAI tools for Einstein Conversation Insights are available now.

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Solutions Spotlight is Hosting a Solutions Spotlight Event with Amplitude

On June 26th, Solutions Review will host a Solutions Spotlight webinar with Amplitude, a product analytics and event tracking platform provider. During the hour-long presentation, Amplitude’s Field Chief Technology Officer, Ted Sfikas, will discuss how companies can assemble a growth stack that minimizes company costs, maximizes overall performance, and increases the ROI of existing investments. You can register for the event on LinkedIn, Zoom, or Insight Jam.

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Sprout Social Brings New Enhancements and Capabilities to Its Software

Sprout Social, a cloud-based social media management software, has announced a collection of AI-powered product enhancements and new capabilities for its platform. With these updates, companies can improve accessibility by writing accurate alt-text for images, automating elements of content creation, analyzing conversation trends, prioritizing inbound messages, replacing manual data analysis, craft suggested responses, exploring market trends, connecting with target audiences in new ways, and more. Sprout Social will showcase many of these new features at Breaking Ground, its quarterly showcase of product innovations.

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Zoho Previews its Zoho CRM for Everyone Capabilities Suite

Zoho, a global technology company, has released a preview of Zoho CRM for Everyone, a new set of capabilities designed to democratize CRM to all the teams involved in a company’s customer operations. For example, Zoho CRM for Everyone will allow sales teams to communicate and coordinate various customer deliverables from a single place. The tools can also improve stakeholder visibility, mitigate internal coordination gaps, reduce turnaround time, and improve the quality of customer experiences. Early access to Zoho CRM for Everyone is available upon request for Zoho customers worldwide.

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