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Cloudera Unveils New Hybrid Cloud Data Warehouse

Cloudera Unveils New Hybrid Cloud Data Warehouse
Cloudera Unveils New Hybrid Cloud Data Warehouse

Source: Cloudera

Cloudera has announced the release and general availability of its Cloudera Data Warehouse, a hybrid cloud data warehouse used to store, analyze, and manage data in public clouds and on-prem. The solution features a native architecture that can handle 50 PB data workloads and delivers a sub-microsecond query performance. It can serve clusters with hundreds of compute nodes, and enables hybrid compute, storage and control for workload portability and optimization across public clouds and enterprise data centers.

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Cloudera is also expanding upon its hybrid data warehouse with Cloudera Altus Data Warehouse, a data warehouse as-a-service solution built with the same architecture. Altus Data Warehouse is multi-cloud, running on both Microsoft Azure and AWS alike. The product offers zero-copy simplicity that eliminates the need to copy data into proprietary stores, and maintains lineage and history for transient workloads which are critical for governance and compliance.

In a statement to the press, the company’s General Manager of Analytics Anupam Singh said: “As enterprises collect increasing amounts of data to support critical BI and analytics applications, they recognize the inherent need to leverage Cloudera’s scalable, hybrid, cloud-native data warehouse to better enable self-service flexibility and real-time insights. Simply put, traditional data warehouses and first-generation cloud data warehouses are not able to provide the performance, flexibility and control enterprises need to meet the standards for agility and scale of a modern operational environment.”

Solutions Review named Cloudera’s CEO to our list of the 10 coolest data management chief executives back in June. We also included the provider as one of The 28 Best Data Management Platforms for 2018 shortly after. Analyst house G2 Crowd considers Cloudera one of the best big data processing tools to consider as well.

The Cloudera Data Warehouse is available now, with Altus Data Warehouse as-a-service expected by month’s end.

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