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Information Builders Releases New Self-Service Data Quality Tool

Information Builders Releases New Self-Service Data Quality Tool
Information Builders Releases New Self-Service Data Quality Tool

Source: Information Builders

Information Builders has announced the release of its new Omni-Gen Personal Edition, a self-service tool for performing data quality in the absence of IT. The solution allows for data exploration and the ability to run analyze value patterns and compliance, with rules for standard and common content types. It also enables users to selectively choose and apply built-in cleansing and validation rules. There’s a side-by-side view of raw and cleansed data values and related quality attributes to ensure completeness of applied rules as well.

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Customers can upgrade from this new personal edition to the Omni-Gen Data Quality Edition (or Omni-Gen Master Data Management Edition) as needed or to unlock more enterprise-grade capabilities such as data governance, remediation and workflow management. Information Builders Omni-Gen Data Quality Edition enables business users to collaborate with IT to promote consistency, accuracy and completeness across a wide variety of data sources, including native Hadoop sources and file formats for big data initiatives.

With data volumes on the rise and no end in sight, interest in data quality tools have intensified. Manual back-and-forth between business users and IT exacerbates these concerns, as well as lacking business context when users are working cross-department. By keeping the use case in mind throughout a data preparation project, users are much more likely to benefit from the output.

In a media statement, the company’s Vice President of Operations and Product Management Dennis McLaughlin said: “We developed our Omni-Gen data management platform to help organizations streamline their data management initiatives, so they can quickly harness valuable data-driven insights. Today, we are thrilled to unveil Omni-Gen Personal Edition – the latest addition to this line – to further enhance businesses’ ability to rapidly leverage data without requiring additional IT professionals.”

This announcement comes on the heels of the company’s September WebFOCUS BI product update.

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