Information Builders Streamlines Data Management with Omni-Gen Data Quality Edition

Information Builders Streamlines Data Management with Omni-Gen Data Quality Edition

Source: Information Builders

Information Builders has announced Omni-Gen Data Quality Edition, a unified platform for profiling, cleansing and enriching data stored in databases and corporate information systems. It enables business users to collaborate with IT to promote consistency, accuracy and completeness across a wide variety of data sources, including native Hadoop sources and file formats for Big Data initiatives. The new offering was built on the foundation of the vendor’s Omni-Gen Integration tool.

Omni-Gen also provides an all-encompassing toolset that is packed into a workbench that is designed for business users. The workbench allows users to correct defects in the data without sourcing that data or learning to use software that is primarily designed for IT professionals. Detecting defects is made simple and sharing cleansing results with other cross-enterprise so execution of data quality and MDM initiatives can ensue.

Gerald Cohen, President and CEO of Information Builders, speaks to the new release: “Organizations need a flexible, reliable, and proactive way to preserve the integrity of their critical information assets. Today’s broad range of applications, databases, systems, messages, and documents make it more difficult than ever to identify and control data quality on an ongoing basis. If you can’t easily combine, cleanse, and manage your data, you can’t fully tap into its value.”

Omni-Gen starts with the business drivers and business artifacts, and then auto-generates business processes and rules. This helps to reduce deployment time for Data Management initiatives. This new release plays into the company’s progressive strategy to tackling Data Management that simultaneously deals with Data Integration, governance and Business Intelligence development as part of a continuous flow.

Information Builders was recently named to Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Data Quality Tools as a result of their strong understanding of data quality and adjacent markets.

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