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Get 20 Percent Off Top-Rated Edureka Big Data Courses This Month

Top-Rated Edureka Big Data Courses
Top-Rated Edureka Big Data Courses

Source: Edureka

Take advantage of these Edureka big data courses with the online learning platform’s 20 percent off for the month of March.

Big data skills are in high demand among organizations that are looking to use their collected data to generate valuable business insight. The pandemic and subsequent “new normal” of remote work are furthering demands for these skills. Many are turning to online learning platforms to up their game and acquire the big data skills most likely to help them stand out. And whether you are looking to acquire those skills for work or for play, this collection of Edureka big data courses will help you learn the ropes so you can pilot some of the most widely used tools in no time!

With this in mind, the editors at Solutions Review have compiled this list of top-rated Edureka big data courses to consider taking during the platform’s March 20 percent off deal. Edureka is perfect for those looking to take multiple courses or acquire skills in different areas, or for those who want the most in-depth experience possible through access to Pluralsight’s entire course library or learning paths. In sum, Edureka offers courses and training in 20 coverage categories.

Note: Our editors assembled this directory by listing top-rated Edureka big data courses in the most popular associated coverage areas including Hadoopdata warehousingETL (Extract, Transform, Load)ClouderaApache Cassandra, data management, and MuleSoft.

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Big Data Hadoop Certification Training

Description: Edureka’s Big Data Hadoop Training Course is curated by Hadoop industry experts, and it covers in-depth knowledge on big data and the Hadoop ecosystem tools such as HDFS, YARN, MapReduce, Hive, Pig, HBase, Spark, Oozie, Flume and Sqoop. Throughout this online instructor-led Hadoop training, you will be working on real-life industry use cases in retail, social media, aviation, tourism and finance using Edureka’s Cloud Lab.

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Hadoop Administration Certification Training

Description: Edureka’s Hadoop Administration Certification Training will guide you to gain expertise in maintaining complex Hadoop Clusters. You will learn exclusive Hadoop Admin activities like Planning of the Cluster, Installation, Cluster Configuration, Cluster Monitoring, and Tuning. Furthermore, you will get to know about Cloudera Hadoop 2.0, and you will be mastering the security implementation and Hadoop v2 through industry-level case studies.

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Data Warehousing and BI Certification Training

Description: Become an expert in data warehousing and business intelligence techniques covering concepts like data warehouse architecture, data modeling, ERwin, ETL fundamentals, business reporting, and data visualization. Other topics include top-down vs. bottom-up data warehouse design, schema modeling tools, Dell Toad Data Modeler, Oracle Data Modeler, ETL tools, and a BI tools classification.

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Data Warehousing Certification Training

Description: Data Warehousing Certification Training is a self-paced course designed to give you a head start in data warehousing. The module will train students on the different concepts of data warehousing along with the implementation of these concepts.

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Apache Cassandra Certification Training

Description: Edureka’s Apache Cassandra Certification Training is designed by professionals as per the industry requirements and demands. This Cassandra certification training helps you to master the concepts of Apache Cassandra including Cassandra architecture, its features, Cassandra Data Model, and its administration. Throughout the Cassandra course, you will learn to install, configure, and monitor Cassandra, along with its integration with other Apache frameworks like Hadoop, Spark, and Kafka.

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