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9 Enterprise Data Storage Influencers to Follow on Twitter

9 Data Storage Influencers to Follow on Social Media

9 Data Storage Influencers to Follow on Social Media

With an active user base more than double the size of the population of Russia, Twitter has evolved into one of the top resources for professionals in just about every field. The social media platform enables users to fill their timelines with whatever they find most interesting, and can act as a great educational tool.

Twitter allows enterprise professionals to quickly connect with thought leaders, solution providers, and technology pundits to familiarize themselves with trends, best practices, and product news relevant to any vertical. As a result, Solutions Review has compiled this list of 9 enterprise data storage influencers to follow on Twitter. For more, check out our data storage cool CEO awards.

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Calvin ZitoCalvin Zito: Calvin is the self-proclaimed “HPE Storage Guy,” is a blogger and storage evangelist at HPE. He has 35 years of experience at HPE and also runs a data storage podcast for the company. In the past, Zito has acted as the category marketing manager, product marketing manager, system support engineer, and customer engineer for HPE. Follow now.

Chris M. EvansChris M. Evans: Evans is a technology analyst, storage and virtualization expert, writer, and blogger. He is currently the owner and director of Brookend Ltd., a storage consultancy firm. Additionally, Evans owns and authors Architecting IT, a blog focusing on storage, virtualization, and cloud solutions. In the past, he co-founded and served as director of the independent consultancy firm, Langton Blue Limited. Follow now.

Chris MellorChris Mellor: Mellor is a journalist who focuses on IT storage matters. Currently he is the editor of Block and Files, as well as the storage editor at The Register, where he has held the position for over 10 years. Previously, Mellor was the editor for storage at IDG’s Techworld. He is also one of the hosts of the Storage Unpacked podcast. Follow now.

Duncan EppingDuncan Epping: Epping has been the chief technologist for storage and availability at VMware for the past 11 years. Epping also has a personal blog for in which he discusses virtualization with a focus on VMware. In the past, he was the technical advisor for CloudPhysics, as well as the senior virtualization consultant for Ictivity. Follow now.


Eric HerzogEric Herzog: Herzog is the chief marketing officer and vice president of Worldwide Storage Channels at the IBM Storage Division. Herzog also currently serves on the board of advisors of Portworx, as well as the board of directors of Tarmin, Inc. Before serving on the board of directors, he was the vice president of marketing at Tarmin, Inc. In the past, Herzog was the chief marketing officer and senior vice president of alliances at Violin Memory. Follow now.

Eric SiebertEric Siebert: Siebert is a veteran of the IT industry with over 25 years of experience, particularly in server administration and virtualization. Currently, he serves as the worldwide product manager and worldwide solutions manager for HPE. In addition to this, he is the president and founder of VMware and virtualization blog, Previously, Siebert was also a contributor and blogger for Tech Target. Follow now.

Howard MarksHoward Marks: Marks is currently the technologist and plenipotentiary at VAST Data. In addition to this, he is one of the hosts of the GreyBeards on Storage podcast. Previously, he founded the analysis and testing lab concentrated on data storage and data management, DeepStorage, LLC, where he also served as the chief scientist. Marks was also the chief scientist at Networks Are Our Lives, Inc. for 33 years. Follow now.

Michael ElliotMichael Elliot: Elliot is a thought leader in the cloud and storage industry focused on the evolution of the data center, as well as new technologies that will impact how IT functions. In the past, Elliott worked as Dell’s cloud evangelist representing the company’s cloud portfolio and vision at customer meetings, media briefing, and industry briefings. Prior to that, he held marketing and consulting roles in the storage and telecom industry. Follow now.

Richard ArnoldRichard Arnold: Arnold is a storage blogger and consultant. Currently, he is the founder and author of the storage and tech blog, He was also voted one of the top 5 storage bloggers in the annual top vBlog poll. Additionally, Arnold is also serving as a storage and virtualization consultant at Getronics UK. Previously, he worked as the senior infrastructure technician at NHS, and the infrastructure engineer at Capita. Follow now.

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