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NetApp Acquires Data Mechanics to Optimize Data Analytics and Machine Learning

NetApp Announces Agreement to Acquire CloudCheckr

NetApp Acquires Data Mechanics to Optimize Data Analytics and Machine LearningNetApp recently announced that it has acquired Data Mechanics, a managed platform provider for big data processing and cloud analytics. The acquired company has offices in Paris, France, and helps businesses capitalize on Apache Spark, an open-source unified analytics engine for large-scale data processing and machine learning, in Kubernetes. Financial details of the transaction were not disclosed.

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NetApp is a storage, cloud computing, information technology, and data management solution provider. In addition to predominantly offering on-prem storage infrastructure, the provider also specializes in hybrid cloud data services that facilitate the management of applications and data across cloud and on-prem environments in order to accelerate digital transformation. The vendor’s solution, StorageGRID, is an object storage platform whose primary access method is the Amazon S3 API. The tool offers hybrid cloud workflow and adheres to SEC and FINRA regulations.

The Data Mechanics acquisition comes less than a year after NetApp acquired Spot, (now called Spot by NetApp). A CloudOps provider that automates and optimizes workloads running in public cloud environments. Data Mechanic’s team and IP will be integrated with the Spot by NetApp team and portfolio to accelerate the development of NetApp’s recently announced Spot Wave solution, which optimizes and automates Spark workloads running in public clouds.

In a media statement, Amiram Shachar, vice president and general manager of Spot by NetApp, said, “although there are significant benefits to moving analytics and application workloads to the cloud, managing analytics technologies and cloud infrastructure can be resource and time-intensive, impeding employee productivity and return on investment. We’re excited to welcome Data Mechanics to Spot by NetApp as we further enable organizations to put their data to work and get even more value from their cloud infrastructure investments.”

Anthony Lye, senior vice president and general manager of NetApp’s Public Cloud Services business unit, also added, “now more than ever, our customers are adopting cloud-first and cloud-native strategies that will enable them to be more agile and adaptable in the face of unprecedented data growth. Adding Data Mechanics to our existing solutions will make it simpler and more cost-effective for organizations across all industries to fully leverage Apache Spark and Kubernetes to advance their data and cloud initiatives.”

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