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Red Hat Announces Intent to Acquire StackRox

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Red Hat Announces Intent to Acquire StackRoxRed Hat, Inc. recently announced its intent to acquire the container and Kubernetes-native security company, StackRox. Kubernetes, one of the fastest-growing open-source projects, is the bedrock of cloud-native applications, which are crucial to the digital transformation that is happening across industries. By bringing StackRox’s Kubernetes-native security functionality to Red Hat OpenShift, Red Hat will extend its vision to provide a single, holistic platform that enables users to build, deploy, and securely run almost any application across the entirety of the hybrid cloud.

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Red Hat is a software provider that offers open-source software products to the enterprise community.  The vendor provides operating system platforms, along with middleware, applications, and management solutions, as well as support, training, and consulting services. Red Hat provides Red Hat Ceph Storage, an open-source software product supporting block, object storage access and file access, as well as the underlying storage for Red Hat’s data analytics infrastructure solution and Red Hat Hyperconverged Infrastructure for Cloud. The platform supports modern workloads like cloud infrastructure, data analytics, media repositories, and backup and restore systems.

Through this acquisition, Red Hat will continue to expand its security leadership, adding StackRox’s complementary capabilities to strengthen integrated security across its open hybrid cloud portfolio with more simplicity and consistency. With StackRox, Red Hat will focus on transforming how cloud-native workloads are secured by expanding and refining Kubernetes’ native controls, as well as shifting security left into the container build and CI/CD phase, to deliver a cohesive solution for enhanced security up and down the entire IT stack and throughout the lifecycle.

In a press statement, Paul Cormier, President and CEO of Red Hat, said, “securing Kubernetes workloads and infrastructure cannot be done in a piecemeal manner; security must be an integrated part of every deployment, not an afterthought. Red Hat adds StackRox’s Kubernetes-native capabilities to OpenShift’s layered security approach, furthering our mission to bring product-ready open innovation to every organization across the open hybrid cloud across IT footprints.”

The StackRox software delivers visibility across all Kubernetes clusters by directly deploying components for enforcement and deep data collection into the Kubernetes cluster infrastructure, reducing the time and effort needed to implement security, and streamlining security analysis, investigation, and remediation. The StackRox policy engine includes hundreds of built-in controls to enforce security best practices, industry standards such as CIS Benchmarks and NIST, and configuration management of both containers and Kubernetes, and runtime security.

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