CRN Emerging Vendors 2018: The Best Endpoint Security Tools

CRN 2018 Emerging Vendors Endpoint Security

IT news and analysis outlet CRN recently released its 2018 Emerging Vendors, a listing that shines a spotlight on some of the most attention-grabbing channel-focused solution providers. This year their Emerging Vendors list differs from years past as it is broken down into seven distinct technology categories: big data, cloud, data center, Internet of Things, networking, security, and storage.

As part of the Emerging Vendors 2018 listings, CRN published the Cybersecurity Companies You Need To Know list via an interactive slideshow. At the Solutions Review Cybersecurity Desk, we track the endpoint security solution providers that have the biggest impact on enterprises around the world. Therefore, we’ve read through CRN’s complete Cybersecurity Companies You Need To Know rankings, available here, and selected the 8 endpoint security solutions we think might matter most to your business. For an even deeper breakdown of the best endpoint security solutions, consult our popular buyer’s guide.

Among the Emerging Vendors list, Armis focuses most heavily on the Internet of Things (IoT), working to eliminate the vulnerabilities inherent therein. It allows enterprises to discover all of their IoT devices on their network, analyze those endpoints’ behavior, and protect enterprise-critical information.

Endpoint detection and response (EDR) is the main focus for cybersecurity vendor Cyberbit. Their products, including behavioral threat detection, incident response automation, and orchestration, all facilitate their EDR capabilities. Cyberbit also offers enhanced asset discovery and visibility for operational technology networks.    

Cybereason offers next-generation anti-virus, EDR, and active monitoring services as part of its solutions. Cybereason can automate hunting across all of your endpoints via behavioral analytics and works to reduce alert fatigue. It straddles the line between endpoint security and SIEM.    

 Cylance was founded with the explicit goal of “[redefining] the endpoint standard of protection by preventing threats from ever executing.” Its flagship endpoint security product, CylanceProtect, utilizes a proprietary combination of artificial intelligence, algorithm science, and machine learning to facilitate predictive analytical processes.    

enSilo, among all of the Emerging Vendors, offers real-time pre- and post-infection protection via its Endpoint Security Platform. It offers both next-generation anti-virus and EDR to protect enterprise endpoints from data tampering and breaches. enSilo is described as lightweight.   

Illusive Networks works to secure the entire network across of enterprise endpoints and servers via an elaborate system of honeypot traps. These deception elements are generated automatically. The Illusive Networks Deception Everywhere Platform detects and mitigates Advanced Persistent Threats.  

Minerva Labs offers the Anti-Evasion Platform, which distinctly among the Emerging Vendors deceives the deceivers about the IT environment; it causes malware to crash or malfunction as a result. As such, Minerva Labs augments baseline anti-malware tools and integrates well with other security vendors.

SentinelOne predicts malicious behavior across multiple threat vectors and closes vulnerability gaps. It can deliver its endpoint protection platform as a single agent which can be deployed via on-premises or on the cloud. It can also apply AI learning automatically.

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