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Druva Launches Rollback Actions to Prevent Unwanted Deletion Activity

Druva Launches Rollback Actions to Prevent Unwanted Deletion Activity
Druva Launches Rollback Actions to Prevent Unwanted Deletion Activity

Source: Druva

Druva is launching new Rollback Actions to allow administrators to quickly roll back unauthorized or accidental deletion activity. Customers will be able to protect against both harmful users making unsanctioned changes to your infrastructure or receiver data that’s been accidentally deleted. This allows customers to secure their data in the event of unwanted deletion and protect against careless mistakes.

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Druva enables cyber, data, and operational resilience for every organization with the Data Resiliency Cloud, the industry’s first and only at scale SaaS solution. Customers can radically simplify data protection, streamline data governance, and gain data visibility and insights as they accelerate cloud adoption.

By default, Druva Rollback Actions temporarily stores data from 24 hours to up to seven days. This new feature will be available in the coming months through a self-service function offered by Druva. All users can track deletion activity, but only administrators will have the ability to call for the restoration of deleted data.

In the company’s press release, Druva’s Vice President of Products Prem Ananthakrishnan stated: “Inside actors and criminals stealing credentials have become incredibly sophisticated and are bypassing security measures to initiate unauthorized activities and data deletions. By creating temporary storage to automatically capture and hold mass deleted data, customers can easily view and roll back the potential impact of these incidents. Dozens of Druva customers have already benefited from this feature over the last year, and we know customers will benefit from having this ability easily accessible within the Druva Data Resiliency Cloud.”

Learn more about Druva Rollback Actions here.

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