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Gartner Predicts InfoSec Spending Will Surpass $124 Billion Next Year

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Gartner Predicts InfoSec Spending Will Surpass $124 Billion Next Year

Technology research giant Gartner Inc. released the results of their latest forecast. Their analysts predict 2019 will see $124 billion in enterprises’ InfoSec spending. Gartner further predicts by the end of 2018, enterprises will spend a total of $114 billion—an increase of 12.4% from last year. 2019 will represent an 8.7% InfoSec spending increase.    

Download Link to Gartner 2018 Magic Quadrant for Endpoint Protection Platforms

According to Gartner’s research, building detection and response capabilities, privacy regulations, and digital business risks will drive increased InfoSec spending over the next year.

Security services represent over $58 billion in spending, and application security represents $304 million in 2018 alone. In 2019, the former will increase to $64 billion and the latter to $459 million.      

Gartner predicts subscription and managed services will represent at least 50% of security software delivery by 2020, as on-premises deployments fall out of favor and hybrid deployments gain ground.

Gartner’s research into InfoSec spending doesn’t explicitly cover endpoint security or endpoint protection platforms. However, the increased spending in detection and response capabilities might result in an increased investment in endpoint detection and response (EDR). Endpoint security vendors are increasingly investing, developing, or acquiring EDR capabilities as the cybersecurity paradigm shifts to a detection model.

InfoSec spending by enterprises clearly indicates what enterprises prioritize in their cybersecurity platforms in the modern era. That era is built off of cloud security, data security, and security services. Your endpoint security solution needs to fit with this era. It’s as simple as that.    

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