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Top 10 Endpoint Security Providers in the Cybersecurity 500 List for Q2 2016

cybersecurityventuresCybersecurity research and market intelligence firm Cybersecurity Ventures has released the latest iteration of its Cybersecurity 500 list, a global compilation of innovative companies providing cyber security solutions and services.

The list, which is updated quarterly, aims at creating “awareness and recognition for the most innovative cyber security companies,” according to a press release announcing the Q2 2016 update.

Unlike Gartner and Forrest reports, the Cybersecurity 500 list does not consider vendor revenue, employees, or annual growth in its rankings. “We do not think a list of the largest cyber security companies is useful to our target audience of cyber and IT security decision makers,” says Steve Morgan, founder and CEO of Cybersecurity Ventures, and Editor-in-Chief of the Cybersecurity 500 list. “[IT decision makers] already know who the biggest vendors are. Instead, we give a nod to the hottest and most innovative companies.”

Selection and ranking criteria are subjective and include some or all of the following when evaluating each company:

  • Cybersecurity Sector (market category)
  • Problem(s) solved
  • Customer Base
  • Feedback from CISOs and Decision Makers
  • Feedback from IT Security Evaluators & Recommenders
  • Feedback from VARs, SIs and Consultants
  • VC Funding
  • Company Growth
  • Published Product Reviews
  • Demos and Presentations at Conferences
  • Corporate Marketing and Branding
  • Media Coverage
  • Notable Implementations
  • Founder and Management Pedigree

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We’ve combed through the list and pulled the 10 top-ranked Endpoint Security and related technology vendors. Businesses are listed according to rank in the Cybersecurity 500 list. Businesses listed in red text also feature on our Endpoint Security Solutions Directory  and in our free 2016 Endpoint Security Solutions Buyer’s Guide.

Company Name
Cybersecurity Industry Sector
Corporate HQ
6 Cisco Threat Protection & Network Security San Jose, CA
10 Sophos Anti-Virus & Malware Protection Abingdon, UK
14 Symantec Endpoint, Cloud, & Mobile Security Mountain View, CA
18 Carbon Black Endpoint & Server Security Platform Waltham, MA
33 Ziften Endpoint Threat Detection Austin, TX
44 Imperva Data & Applications Security Redwood Shores, CA
49 Guidance Software Endpoint Data Security Pasadena, CA
96 Unisys Endpoint & IT Infrastructure Security Bue Bell, PA
99 Digital Guardian Anti-Virus & Malware Protection Waltham, MA
104 AhnLab Internet Security Solutions Gyeonggi-do, S. Korea

For a detailed market overview of Endpoint Protection solutions, check out our free 2016 Endpoint Security Solutions Buyer’s Guide here.

You can check out the Cybersecurity 500 list in full, with descriptions for each vendor, here.

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