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Presentation: Best Practices for Optimizing ERP

Everything You Need to Know About ERP Optimization


The word optimize means to make as effective, perfect, or useful as possible. This presentation, published by Frank Scavo, President and Co-Founder at Strativa, provides valuable information about the ERP experience lifecycle, such as the use of the system to run your business. He touches on the selection and implementation process, but most importantly, Scavo gives tips and tricks on how to make the best use of your ERP system.

Strativa is a management consulting firm providing independent advice for business and technology decisions. Their consulting services include business and IT strategy, enterprise system (ERP/CRM/SCM) vendor evaluation and selection, business process improvement, and change management services.

“Is it going to be effective, or ineffective? Is it going to be actually useful to your people, are they going to want to use that system? Or is it going to  be kind of endured as something they have to do to get their job done but don’t really enjoy using it? So this is a matter of optimizing ERP. We have to optimize our use of ERP.”

Looking for more? Download our ERP buyers guide for free and compare the top-24 products available on the market with full page vendor profiles. The guide includes four key capabilities to look for in an ERP solution, plus five questions to ask yourself and five questions to ask the software provider before purchasing. It’s the perfect resource for anyone looking to find right ERP for their business/organization.

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