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Equation Technologies Expands Options for Sage ERP Support

Equation Technologies Expands Options for Sage ERP Support

Equation Technologies Expands Options for Sage ERP SupportGood news for those fans of Sage and Equation Technologies! Looks like Equation Technologies, one of the leaders in ERP software implementation and consultation, is now offering increased support options for Sage software customers. Furthermore, Equation’s current support offering, new Bronze, Silver, and Gold Service Level Agreement tiers will give customers the ability to choose features according to their needs to offer long-term value and flexibility for Sage software, cloud hosting, and reporting.

Service Level Agreements are helpful for a number of companies by providing a budgeted amount for on-going maintenance and support of their Sage ERP investment. Equation Technologies support tiers offer a wide range of features depending on the tier. This includes priority response times, discounts on billable hourly rates, free monthly webinar training, upgrade planning, and disaster recovery audits. As a premier provider of Sage cloud hosting, Equation Technologies has implemented a new cloud pricing structure to accomodate a wide range of clients. All cloud plans will start with standard support with the option to add tiered Service Level Agreement ata reduced price for increased support and lowered consulting rates. Report bundles are a new addition to Equation technologies’ suite of Sage services. This will be especially good news for companies without an in-house bundles specialist. The report bundles have three support tiers and require a current Service Level Agreement. With the highest report bundle. Equation Technologies can deliver multiple reports a month, allowing companies to have a more complete overview of their business operations.

“Not all companies have sufficient internal IT support to ensure success for their projects,” says Erica Burles, President of Equation Technologies. “We have made multiple levels of support available to give our clients access to more immediate, short-term service or a long-term, multi-project solution.”

“Businesses today need cloud storage that can be accessed anytime and anywhere with remote 24/7 access and secure data storage,” Burles says. “Our new cloud pricing enables our clients to get the level of service they need at a price they are comfortable with.”

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