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Oracle Powers New Solutions for Manufacturing ERP in the Cloud

Oracle Cerner
Oracle Cerner

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More and more manufacturers are turning to cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions to achieve greater agility, ensure data integrity and system upkeep, and minimize infrastructure costs. To support these customers and the manufacturing industry altogether, IQMS, a leading manufacturing ERP software and manufacturing execution system (MES) authority, announced on Tuesday that it has expanded its line of cloud-based solutions with two new offerings supported by the Oracle Cloud Platform:

  • IQMS Cloud IQ – the new version of the IQMS ERP system running on the Oracle Cloud Platform. It uniquely combined robust ERP and MES functionality into one comprehensive cloud solution. IQMS Cloud IQ is available in the Oracle Cloud as hosted license software or as a Software as a Service (SaaS) subscription. At the heart of the service is Oracle Compute Service, an enterprise infrastructure service that provides a rapidly provisioned virtual compute environment to easily migrate workloads and run them at scale with predictable, consistent performance, control and transparency.
  • IQMS Web BI – features rich, cloud-based business intelligence and visualization functionality from Oracle to help manufacturers gain greater insights into their ERP and Financials data. The IQMS Web BI cloud service is available to amm manufacturing customers, whether they have IQMS software deployed on-premise or in the Oracle Cloud.

According to an article, these are powered by Oracle, and build on IQMS’s long-standing partnership with the multinational computer technology corporation, which has provided the underlying database for the IQMS ERP system for nearly 25 years.

IQMS Cloud IQ features comprehensive ERP and MES functionality with all data managed by a single Oracle Database instance. This enables manufacturing enterprises to take a streamlined approach to centralizing activity across the entire supply chain and ensuring that complete, accurate information is available to all authorized users. This new solution is available from IQMS as a SaaS solution on the Oracle Public Cloud for customers that want to take advantage of IQMS via a cloud-based subscription and as a managed cloud service for manufacturers that want to own their IQMS license, but take advantage of a hosted cloud deployment.

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