Callsign Survey Indicates Rise in Biometric Authentication

Callsign Survey Indicates Rise in Biometric Authentication

Callsign, a London-based authentication and identification solution provider, today unveiled the results of their online survey indicating a rise in popularity for biometric authentication and behavior-based authentication.

In this survey, less than half of U.S. respondents (44%) and U.K. respondents (45%) prefer passwords or other kinds of memorized information as their authentication factor. However, biometric authentication is a close—and growing—second. Biometrics are favored by 32% of U.K. adults and 27% of U.S. adults. Callsign believes this indicates a general shift in authentication preference across the digital world, especially in the U.K.   

Interestingly, knowledge-based identifiers like passwords are actually more popular in work environments—58% of employees in the U.K. and 51% in the U.S. choose them over biometrics (15%). Callsign theorizes that passwords are perceived as comparatively easier to use than biometrics.   

In a press release, Callsign notes the surprising continual prevalence of single-factor, password-based authentication. Passwords are easily guessed, cracked, or stolen, and are often responsible for enterprise-level data breaches. The vendor strongly argues biometric authentication or behavioral biometric authentication—exemplified by typing or screen-swipe patterns—must become the norm for the safety of the digital marketplace.

In a statement, Callsign CEO Zia Hayat said: “The study suggests we’re at a tipping point where our reliance on simple passwords is on a steady downward turn. Although two-factor and multi-factor authentication, along with biometrics, are an improvement, they are still flawed. Companies need to offer choice and control when it comes to the data that is collected and the identification methods used.”  

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