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Exabeam and SecureAuth + Core Security Partner to Secure Credentials

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Exabeam and SecureAuth + Core Security Partner to Secure Credentials

Today, SIEM solution provider Exabeam and identity security automation vendor SecureAuth + Core Security announced a collaborative relationship with the goal of providing better identity security against credential-based cyber attacks. Both vendors aim to secure enterprise identities from those who would abuse them—whether those threats are internal or external.

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Ted Plumis, VP of Worldwide Channels at Exabeam, said in a statement: “Credential-based attacks are typically difficult to detect because attackers impersonate legitimate users. To protect against these types of attacks, organizations need to rethink their enterprise security strategy and move to an identity-centric approach based on a Zero Trust model.”

In a separate statement, SecureAuth + Core Security SVP of Product Strategy Robert Block said: “The critical need to integrate identity and security is clear. Whether it is a continual risk and trust assessment or Zero Trust model, organizations must put in place a framework that allows for the continual evaluation of risk and trust and then offers the ability to take appropriate actions.”

The collaborative relationship between Exabeam and SecureAuth + Core Security will result in a product integration. Exabeam provides behavioral analytic capabilities to evaluate account switching, remote logins, and administrative asset logins with their Smart Timeline product. SecureAuth + Core Security leverages the risk information Exabeam discovers to compose and enforce authentication rules with adaptive authentication.

Enterprise security teams can use the Exabeam and SecureAuth + Core Security partnership to identify significant identity threats. Compromised credentials, according to the 2018 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report, is the top cause for enterprise-level data breaches; abusing credentials proves a fast and convenient vector into valuable databases.  

You can read more about the Exabeam and SecureAuth + Core Security Credential Security Partnership here.

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