Hitachi ID Updates Identity and Access Management Suite With 2FA, Federated Access Management

HItachi-IDHitachi ID Systems, a provider of Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions, has announced the release of the newest generation of its flagship Identity and Access Management Suite.

The new release  is the largest product update in Hitachi’s 23-year company history, and introduces major new features and product upgrades aimed at enhancing IAM Suite usability and functionality.

Some of the highlights of the release include:

  • Expanded, pre-configured product implementations to accelerate deployments
  • A federated access management of identities
  • Two-factor authentication for all mobile users, using Android and iOS apps
  • Expanded entitlement analytics, including roles discovery
  • Certification of roles and SoDs
  • A personal password vault for all users
  • Management of nested groups on systems such as AD and RAC/F
  • New dashboards for privileged access and recorded sessions
  • A new mobile and desktop applications to monitor and approve access requests
  • Risk scoring for IAM and PAM access requests
  • Redesigned UI, including navigation, advanced search, pinned dashboards and more.

Hitachi ID’s v10.0 Suite also incorporates an advanced privileged access management (PAM) system.

“Our expanded pre-configured product implementations help customers minimize deployment time, cost and risk. At the same time, by incorporating at no-extra-cost federated access and two factor authentication (2FA), we have significantly increased the value proposition of our solutions, offering the lowest cost, highest value IAM system on the market,” said Idan Shoham, Hitachi ID CTO.

A comprehensive overview of the new release, complete with screenshots, can be found here

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