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OneLogin Unveils OneLogin Protect 4.0 and MFA Login Enhancements

OneLogin Unveils OneLogin Protect 4.0 and MFA Login Enhancements

OneLogin Unveils OneLogin Protect 4.0 and MFA Login Enhancements

Enterprise-level identity and access management solution provider OneLogin today announced the release of their updated OneLogin Protect 4.0 authenticator. This upgraded solution seeks to improve their third-party support and enhance their usability.

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According to a press release from the vendor, the OneLogin Protect 4.0 authenticator eliminates the need for multiple one-time passcode authenticators on Android and iOS mobile devices, reducing enterprises’ management time and costs. OneLogin Protect 4.0 also provides one-time passcodes for enterprise-level third-party cloud services, push notification, and risk scoring. 

Simultaneously, OneLogin revealed platform updates to advance their multifactor authentication (MFA), with the express goal of increasing security, customization, and user experience via a new login experience. This login experience features MFA as well as one-click activation, mandatory second-factor authentication, and forced authentication for sensitive assets. Users can be asked for MFA in high-risk scenarios, such as logins from new browsers.  

Thomas Pedersen, Chief Technology Officer and Founder of OneLogin, said in a statement: “Everyone knows that MFA is the most effective way to protect against weak passwords, but cost and usability are all too often the biggest barriers to enterprise adoption. The enhancements we have implemented strengthen security and allow organizations to deploy MFA tailored to their needs.”

OneLogin further announced plans on hosting a Bug Bounty Bash on August 7th during the Black Hat conference in Las Vegas. To learn more about the OneLogin Bug Bounty Bash, their MFA enhancements, and the OneLogin Protect 4.0, read their press release here.    

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