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Optimal IdM Partners with TypingDNA for Biometric MFA Authentication

Is Traditional Identity Management Still Enough for Enterprise Security?

Optimal IdM TypingDNA biometrics MFA authentication

Identity and access management (IAM) Optimal IdM yesterday announced a partnership with biometric authentication firm TypingDNA. The aim behind this partnership was to incorporate biometrics into Optimal IdM’s [multifactor] MFA authentication options.

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TypingDNA offers behavioral biometrics as opposed to physiological—fingerprint, iris, or vocal—biometrics. It uses end-users’ typing behaviors on both desktops and mobile devices to authenticate their identities, allowing secondary MFA authentication even as they input their usernames and passwords.    

Jeff Bohren, Chief Software Engineer at Optimal IdM, said in a statement: “Stealing someone’s typing pattern is practically impossible. Duplicating them would be even harder, because no one has the exact same typing behavior. Typing biometrics improve security by preventing identity theft and minimizing the risk of online fraud.”

Chris Curcio, VP of Channel Sales and Partnerships at Optimal IdM, said on the partnership with TypingDNA: “Having this kind of behavioral authentication extends our MFA offering and strengthens our portfolio. We are very excited about our partnership with TypingDNA because of the ease of use and quick implementation they bring.”

MFA authentication has received increasing attention over the past few years as single-factor authentication—usually in the form of passwords—has proven inadequate for securing identities in the modern threat landscape. Biometrics have received similar interest as they cannot be stolen easily and cannot be forgotten or lost.

Optimal IdM was named to the Solutions Review 32 Best Identity and Access Management Platforms for 2018 Report. You can read their press release here.

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