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Optiv Security Announces “EnemyPerspectives@Optiv” Services

How to Protect Your Digital Identities from Phishing Attacks

EnemyPerspectives@Optiv Services Optiv Security

Today at the Black Hat 2018 Conference, security solutions integrator Optiv Security today announced their new “EnemyPerspectives@Optiv” integrated services suite. These new services allow enterprises to evaluate their digital footprint from the perspective of a threat actor or hacker. EnemyPerspectives@Optiv thus enables enterprises to discover potential weaknesses in their network and remediate them. They can see the most likely attack vectors and work to prioritize them rather than attempt to protect everything simultaneously.

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The EnemyPerspectives@Optiv Services works across three categories: Threat Actor Profiling (to help enterprises understand their enemies), Cyber Resiliency (to stop network downtime as the result of an attack), and Incident Response (for proactive defense).  

In a statement, Chad Holmes—Chief Services and Operations at Optiv—said: “While transforming business to the latest apps and services provides access to new customers through more targeted data, it also creates a wider attack surface for threat actors to exploit, and puts businesses at greater reputational and financial risk. The assumption that plug-and-play security technologies can thwart threat actors is only one piece of the puzzle.”

“We need to turn things around – take a different perspective, the perspective of the attacker – in order to have a more complete view on the risks to our businesses. The attacker sees things differently. They have a different purpose. They may look at part of an enterprise’s IT stack and instead of seeing protection, they see potential. An organization needs the right technologies deployed in the right ways, but it also needs insight into where vulnerabilities exist, based on demonstrated threat actor intent and behavior.”

You can read more about the Optiv EnemyPerspectives@Optiv Services here.  

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