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Top 10 Solutions Review Identity and Access Management Articles of 2018

What Makes Next-Generation Identity Management Essential?

The Top 10 Identity and Access Management Articles of 2018

With the end of the year truly upon us, the editors at Solutions Review thought now is the time to reflect upon the identity and access management market for enterprises—the research, best practices compilations, and expert report analyses.

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Security experts proclaim identity and access management will subsume all other branches of cybersecurity within the next few years. In fact, identity may already serve as the digital perimeter. Part of our job here at Solutions Review is to demystify this growing market and make selecting the right solution easier through our extensive identity and access management articles.

Thus we would like to present our choices for the Top Identity and Access Management Articles of 2018. These identity and access management articles represent some of the best we at Solutions Review do as we dive into a populous and essential market.

Here are our choices:

Privileged Access Management with Mark Klinchin, CEO of Xton Technologies

Many of our identity and access management articles contain interviews with talented men and women working in the IAM field. Who better than those defending against hackers on the digital front lines to offer insights on the technology? We had plenty of interviews to choose from, but we thought this one with Mark Klinchin really captured the current trends in privileged access management. We hope you glean valuable information from it!       

Key Findings: The 2018 Privileged Access Management Magic Quadrant

Whenever technology research giant Gartner releases a new market report, we make sure to write about it. These identity and access management articles prove a perennial favorite with our audience.

This year, Gartner released the first ever Privileged Access Management Magic Quadrant. This raises questions about whether PAM will subsume the rest of identity management or if it simply a growing branch of an expanding market. It also details the capabilities enterprises should seek out for their network.

Privileged Access Management is More than Just Privileged Credentials

Privileged access management constitutes cybersecurity attitudes, granular permissions, and behavioral monitoring. Stronger passwords only constitute a component of an overall platform. Find out what we mean here.  

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How IAM Solves Onboarding and Offboarding Challenges

We wrote some of our favorite identity and access management articles in anticipation of the Identiverse conference (formerly the Cloud Identity Summit).

This one, in particular, delves into how identity can solve one the most common and critical problems in the enterprise digital workplace: making sure employees have the right permissions when they first join the workforce and making sure their permissions are removed if they leave.   

The Top 14 IAM Vendors to Watch in 2019

As a market, IAM is simultaneously on the rise and containing numerous divergent branches. Perhaps unsurprisingly then, the 2019 Vendors to Watch List for IAM towers over many other categories. This list details the accomplishments of the identity and access management solution providers we expect to do even more in the coming year.      

The Top Identity & Access Management (IAM) Books You Should Be Reading

What list of our favorite identity and access management articles would be complete without our annual booklist? We delved deep into booksellers’ and experts’ recommendations to develop our own comprehensive booklist. These titles can fill the empty spaces on your bookshelf and in your knowledge.

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New Insights: Where Do We Stand on Biometric Authentication Practices?

Few branches of IAM experienced as much scrutiny and self-examination as biometric authentication. From lofty expectations at the beginning of the year, solution providers and security experts alike now ponder how biometrics will fit into current authentication processes. Other questions include how employees will adopt them and how it will alter the face of MFA.  

What is Access Creep? And How Can You Prevent It?

We used many of our identity and access management articles to highlight some of the key issues facing enterprises’ identity security today. Access creep acts as the perpetual bane of identity governance and administration solutions. We discuss what it is and the steps necessary to keeping the issue at bay.  

What’s Changed: Gartner’s 2018 Magic Quadrant for Identity Governance and Administration (IGA)

One of the most popular reports on a Gartner piece in our archives, and one which highlights how the market has changed over the past year. Identity Governance tends to be neglected in identity discourses. This article seeks to change that.  

5 Key Capabilities of Your Identity Governance and Administration Solution

This article helps enterprises identify the capabilities they need to secure their enterprise and stay in regulatory compliance. Simply having the solution is not enough. Your enterprise needs the right solution.  

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