New Improvements from Apperian Bring Ease of their MAM EASE Platform

Apperian_EASE_MAMApperian has made improvements to their Mobile Application Management platform Enterprise Application Services Environment (EASE). Staying true to the platform’s name the availability of Auto Signing aims to ease lifecycle management of their EASE platform. The new addition eliminates “the complexity of the app signing process and allowing non-technical administrators to sign mobile apps from the admin portal without developer involvement or the need for a manual signing process.”

Targeted at time and efficiency improvements Auto Signing improves the ability to rapidly deploy new apps and app upgrades to a broad range of mobile enterprise users. EASE’s new capabilities eliminate dependency on third party app providers as well as trained technology staff and puts the power to deploy apps in the hands of the not so technical administrator. Despite increasing the ease of EASE they have been able to maintain the reliability and security measures that their solution has always brought to the table.

“Any app deployed in an enterprise must be signed properly before deployment. Until now, the process of signing apps has been complicated, confusing, error-prone, and time-consuming for many organizations,” said Carlos Montero-Luque, CTO at Apperian. “It is in Apperian’s DNA to deliver innovation in the creation of value to enterprises. With the Automatic App Signing capabilities, we have re-imagined and automated the app signing process in response to our customers’ needs. This capability is already simplifying processes and reducing risk and time waste in our customer base.”

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