LinkedIn Drives Organic Impressions in Tech Space, According to LinkedIn Users in Tech Space

LinkedIn Drives Organic Impressions in Tech Space, According to LinkedIn Users in Tech Space

Not the onion, and no surprise, but according to LinkedIn users in the tech space, LinkedIn drives organic impressions in the tech space. As you have read in our last blog on key content types which drive the most value, Solutions Review is undertaking a multi-quarter polling exercise via the top social media channels to uncover various marketing insights. In our latest campaign, we surveyed more than 150 demand-generation leaders on which social media platforms drive the most organic engagement for their initiatives.

For the survey, we polled enterprise technology marketing leaders on LinkedIn and Twitter over a 2-week period. The polls ran across Solutions Review’s various category-specific Showcase Pages and our Editors’ official Twitter accounts. 155 survey votes were tallied in total; 149 of which came from LinkedIn while only 6 came from Twitter. And for reference, the poll options were LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

LinkedIn is growing to become an increasingly vital engine for lead generation, especially in the virtual events space. Solutions Review has been leveraging LinkedIn in just this way since the pandemic forced organizations into digital transformation. In fact, we’ve run so many successful webinar Spotlights and trade-show Demo Days we wrote a blog dedicated to virtual events best practices.

While our poll was flawed in that we only surveyed across two of the four major social media platforms, it did reveal that LinkedIn tech marketers are much more vocal about their lead-gen results than those on Twitter are. And if you were debating whether or not to dive head-first into LinkedIn for a tech-related demand-generation initiative, maybe this is the little push you needed.

The bottom line is that LinkedIn does drive a tremendously engaged and valuable audience, and Solutions Review is proof with a Universe of Influence reach on the platform of more than 10 million enterprise IT professionals. While our survey data is highly biased based on the methodology, it does align with our own experience using the platform to grow our domain authority, increase organic impressions, accelerate page-view growth, and generate a higher volume of quality business software leads.

Watch out for our upcoming post which tutorials how Solutions Review uses LinkedIn to drive organic impressions. In that blog, we’ll walk through our unique “funnel method” that enables us to grow our Editors into micro-influencers, build-out Solutions Review brand properties, and increase the quality of and speed with which we can deliver on various lead-generation and marketing technologies to our clients.

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