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3 Key Tips to Optimize Your UEM Solution

3 Key Tips to Optimize Your UEM Solution

3 Key Tips to Optimize Your UEM SolutionUnified Endpoint Management (UEM) has increased in popularity in recent years as a means to handle the diversification of mobile devices. This approach to mobile management provides enterprises with an integrated approach to handling a large number of endpoints. However, it’s important to get the most out of your UEM experience by looking at it from a more comprehensive angle, rather than focusing on one aspect of mobile management. Consider these tips to optimize your UEM solution!

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Have a Strong User Focus

Good UEM providers put the user above everything else. This is because they then make their decisions based on providing service first, with the endpoint itself taking a back seat. In addition to this, when the user is the most important, a stronger emphasis is placed on preventing underlying technology assets from being intrusive. Because of this, there is no negative impact on user productivity.

Utilize Single Pane of Glass

If your organization has a machine or device that is running outdated software without the latest patches installed, your risk of experiencing a security threat increases significantly. While blind spots in the inventory of devices and machines connected to your corporate network present a security risk, this is not the only risk they bring. Blind spots also increase the chances of experiencing virtualization sprawl, audit fines, missed volume purchasing opportunities, and unused hardware and software. Because UEM is cross-platform, the solution enables infrastructure, consumption, and software to be visible through a single pane of glass, which can give users insight into how their organization runs day-to-day.

Embed Security

By embedding security, following protocol becomes much simpler for users. Often, security procedures are confusing and complex, to the point that employees work around them, avoiding security in favor of convenience. Users that circumvent security protocol create the potential ramifications of attaching unapproved endpoints to a network, the expenses of running machines that don’t serve any business purpose, or the risk connected with downloading blacklisted software. A UEM solution can remedy this issue by embedding security into automated workflows for approvals, requests, installation, deployment, and removal. This ensures that your assets are managed effectively.

UEM solutions can be very advantageous to businesses, but you don’t want to lose out on any possible benefits. To best manage your diverse devices, a UEM solution can offer capabilities that a traditional mobile device management platform cannot. Get the most out of your devices and solution by considering the above tips and looking at UEM from a broader perspective!

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