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5 BYOD Advantages Your Enterprise Needs to Consider

5 BYOD Advantages Your Enterprise Needs to Consider

5 BYOD Advantages Your Enterprise Needs to Consider

What are some of the advantages of adopting a BYOD policy in your enterprise? BYOD has been a common deployment for enterprises for years, but some companies might be hesitant to make the transition. There could be several reasons for this hesitation — security concerns, employee data privacy, etc. However, we’ve listed five advantages that a BYOD plan brings that your enterprise needs to consider before making a final decision.

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Improving employee satisfaction

Your employees need to be comfortable with the technology they use on a daily basis. While they may eventually get used to a mobile device you give to them, it’s likely they will never be as comfortable with them as they will with their own phones. Allowing employees to use their personal devices for business tasks removes the hurdle of learning a new device altogether.

Increasing employee productivity

It’s no secret that your employees are using their mobile devices at work anyway, regardless of whether or not your company is BYOD-friendly. Rather than fight against this, an enterprise should allow for those devices to be used for work-related tasks. It may seem like it will reduce productivity, but the sheer boost of productivity from device comfort will be more than worth it.

Reducing costs

The cost of introducing mobile devices into your infrastructure may seem high for businesses, but a BYOD policy can help your company reduce costs while still using mobile solutions. Under most BYOD programs, users are responsible for data costs and other monthly expenses, and companies won’t need to purchase a data or network plan. Enterprises also don’t need to purchase the devices themselves, so they won’t have to add that to their overhead.

Shifting maintenance responsibilities to the user

Under a BYOD plan, the user is responsible for the maintenance of their mobile devices rather than the IT department. This frees up the schedule of IT employees so they can focus on other, more crucial tasks. Enterprises can balance this out by mandating that devices are updated and taken care of, with specific penalties in place if these regulations aren’t met.

Making remote work easier

The best (and most obvious) benefit to mobile devices is that businesses and employees can operate them from anywhere. Remote work can be accomplished with any mobile device, regardless of whether or not the employee owns it; however, it’s easier for employees to work remotely if they own the device, since it’s likely that they’ll take that device everywhere they go.

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Download Link to MDM Buyer's Guide

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