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Absolute Software Brings “Device Freeze Offline Policy” to the MDM Marketplace

Absolute Software Brings Device Freeze Offline Policy to the MDM Marketplace

Absolute Software Brings Device Freeze Offline Policy to the MDM MarketplaceAbsolute Software has just announced the release of a new and unique feature to their Absolute Computrace, an industry standard for persistent endpoint security and management. In what they are calling, Device Freeze Offline Policy, IT departments now have the ability to set up automated security features for devices that have gone offline and fallen out of contact with the Absolute Monitoring Center.

While you might think of this as remote locking or whipping Device Freeze Offline Policy brings a level of automation that will help IT secure devices and the critical data stored on them. Their release reads, “This capability allows IT to set an automated freeze command for any device that remains offline for a specific period of time.” These specific periods of time can be easily enforce and set by IT.

Remote whips and locks typically are a result of a report from an end user who has lost their device. This automation and “Device Freeze” capability allows IT to set parameters around any instance of a lost, misplaced or disconnected device ensuring greater security for organizations Mobile Device Management practices.  Geoff Haydon, CEO at Absolute Software is quoted as saying, “Information security must be enforceable even when a device is not plugged in or powered up. With this policy, our customers can actively protect all of their devices – and the sensitive information they contain – regardless of internet connection, user or location.”

Click here to read the full release from Absolute Software.

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