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AirWatch Receives a $200 Million Wager – Is it Win, Place or Show?

AirWatch $200 Million Investment MDM

AirWatch $200 Million Investment MDMAmidst the Mobile World Congress 2013 AirWatch has announced a whopper of a deal. They have closed Series A investment with Insight Venture Partners to the tune of $200 million dollars. With the news sure to be creating buzz amongst crowds the funding will apparently be used to fund strategic acquisitions, accelerated global growth and drive innovation and adoption of AirWatch’s content collaboration solution, Secure Content Locker.

The company whose feet have been firmly planted in the Mobile Device Management (MDM) space has recently added Mobile Application Management (MAM) and Content Management capabilities to their offerings. With this hefty injection of funds the recent growth that we have seen surely will not slow down especially when you read that “strategic acquisitions” are planned. We have seen some of the large players in the tech space such as Citrix, SAP and IBM making acquisitions in the mobile space to boost their portfolios, and is seems as though AirWatch will join those ranks remaining a leader in the enterprise mobility management space.

The $200 million in funding will allow AirWatch to adapt and innovate, catering to a space that is experiencing explosive growth and seems to be constantly shifting. quotes Richard Wells, Managing Director at Insight, as saying “It doesn’t get any bigger in terms of potential and here-and-now demand than managing mobility in the enterprise. It’s really hard to overstate it.”

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